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Shonda Rhimes is All Praise For When They See Us

We love it when talent praises talent. The writer and author Shonda Rhimes has nothing but good words to say about the limited series When They See us by Ava DuVernay.

Shonda Says The Show is Worth It!

Taking to her Instagram, the writer of hit medical show Grey’s Anatomy, posted about the limited series by Director Ava DuVernay. The caption said,

Yesterday, #shondaland got a private screening of the first two episodes of @whentheyseeus and it was everything. There are no words to describe the heroic struggle of the real men portrayed in the series. The words to describe @Ava are badass genius. Make sure you see this on @netflix when it drops. It is worth it.

Replying to her in the comments was the director herself. DuVernay commented, thank you, sis. Very much. ?

When They See Us Comes Out on Netflix on May 31st

The limited series is coming to Netflix in less than two weeks. When they see us is a retelling of the events surrounding the notorious Central Park jogger case by focusing on the boys wrongfully convicted of the crime. The five men attended the premiere of the series at Appolo Theatre on Monday.
DuVernay, the Oscar winning director told Variety about her limited series and urged fans to watch it.
“Dedicate a couple of hours to justice, to righteousness, to our community and to love”