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Amazon Promises A Sexier, Darker Season 4 For The Expanse

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The transfer from Syfy to Amazon will bring significant changes to what The Expanse looks like when it returns for its season 4. As the release date for The Expanse Season 4 moves closer, the cast and crew are increasingly talking about the various twists and storyline the brilliant soap opera will follow. The show’s team strongly feels that the cancellation was a blessing in disguise in the hindsight. And now that The Expanse has found a much bigger, much more expansive home, it will definitely help the show garner the attention it deserves. The series’ star Cas Anvar has promised that the show will have much darker and sexier undertones once it is back, mostly to complement the calibre of its new distributor.

The Expanse Season 4 Will Be Sexier And Darker Than Its Previous Counterparts

What people unanimously agree on for being TV’s best-ever Sci-Fi drama, there will be fewer broadcast restrictions than there were ever before. Episodes can all air at once without any pesky commercial break. Moreover, The Expanse Season 4 will not have to worry about slot-based-competition or be concerned with the air time. And all these new prospects will resonate in the overall appeal of the final product.

Cas Anvar, who essays Martian fighter pilot Alex Kamal slipped out a few details about the upcoming season. Although he kept mum on The Expanse Season 4 release date, he did mention the creative changes that will now come into effect on the show.

We don’t have the restrictions in terms of content. It’s darker, it’s sexier, it’s a little more gritty, it’s a little more real.

The Expanse’s Shift From Syfy To Amazon

In its previous run too, the show well justified the subject of its source material.  But what plagued a beautiful, highly watchable show was a general lack of viewership. Syfy could not cause sufficient viewers to tune into The Game of Thrones in space, quite literally. Hence, it was not economically viable to keep the project running. Amazon; on the other hand, has the resources to tell the story right. In fact, Anvar mentions that the streamer is taking a keen interest in making the series a great show.

They want this show to be a great show. They want this show to go to tens of missions of people. They want this to be like their Game of Thrones.

On The Expanse Season 4, The Rocinante will be a much steamier place. And alongside The Earth, Mars, and The Belt, the story will foray into a new planet called Ilus.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had renewed The Expanse at a  National Space Society Event. And since its renewal, the cast and crew are busy enhancing the quality of the project. The filming for the new season is complete, and fans are anxiously waiting for Amazon to announce a release date for The Expanse Season 4.

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