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Sam Claflin’s New Movie The Nightingale Trailer is Out Now

It feels like its been ages since we last saw Sam Claflin in a movie. It seems like it has always been a year since we saw him as Richard Sharp in Adrift. But thankfully, we’ll see him soon in a new movie, The Nightingale, whose trailer has just dropped.

Sam Claflin is Not A Romantic Hero Anymore

We would’ve loved to see the British actor playing another romantic role, but the actor has chosen something completely different. Not that we’re complaining. At least we’re getting some content from him. After watching the trailer, it’s quite certain that Claflin is no longer the swoon-worthy, charming romantic lead. He’s the cruel villain this time! The plot of The Nightingale goes like this,

Set during the colonization of Australia in 1825, the film follows Clare (Aisling Franciosi), a 21-year-old Irish convict. She has served a 7-year sentence under her abusive master, Lieutenant Hawkins (Claflin) who refuses to release her from his charge. When British authorities fail to deliver justice, Clare decides to pursue Hawkins. Unable to find compatriots for her journey, she is forced to enlist the help of a young Aboriginal tracker Billy who grudgingly takes her through the rugged wilderness to track down Hawkins.

This the second movie by the director of The Babadook, Jennifer Kent. The Babadook was critically acclaimed and Jennifer’s directorial prowess was acknowledged. Thus, the film community and the fans are highly anticipating the release of The Nightingale. Though the movie has already premiered in several film festivals and has garnered nothing but praise for itself. The critics have given raving reviews and Variety has called it Mythic and Gripping. A historical revenge tale of shattering beauty. 

The Nightingale releases on August 2. And just a side note, if Aisling Franciosi seems too familiar in the trailer it’s because she’s the same actress who played Lyanna Stark in Game Of Thrones.

Check out the trailer for The Nightingale below:

Sam Claflin, The nightingale, Jennifer Kent, Aisling Franciosi

Other Films And TV Shows Sam Claflin’s Fans Can Look Forward To

We, the fans are going to be fed by the onslaught of content the British actor is going to provide us with. Claflin has been finalized as a lead in another romantic comedy, Love. Wedding. Repeat alongside Freida Pinto and Aisling Bea. Other than this we’ll be seeing this British hunk play the fascist leader Oswald Mosley in the upcoming fifth season of the BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

Samuel George Claflin is an English actor. He’s best known for his portrayal of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games movie series. His other notable movies are Love, Rosie and Me Before You.