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Tayler Holder addresses rumors about using racial slurs during YouTubers Vs TikTokers Press Conference

Tayler Holder is a very popular TikToker and has a following of around 15 million on TikTok. So I guess it’s safe to say he’s pretty big on TikTok. The very famous rapper DDG posted a video on his YouTube which was titled “Tayler Holder is canceled” on 19th May. DDG explained in this video that Tayler was racist towards him at the Youtubers Vs. TikTokers event, where both of them were present. He also added that Tayler called him the N-word. DDG also showed a clip from the Hollywood Fix in this video. He alleges that in the video, Tayler called them “Black a*s motherfuc*er.”

DDG further mentioned in the video:

Tayler, You have got some explaining to do for that slur you said. That racial slur has to come behind some explanation. You are going to have to clarify what you mean by “Black a*s motherfuc*er”

Here is a video where Tayler allegedly said something racist to Rapper DDG. This happened at the “YouTubers Vs. TikTokers” boxing event.

YouTuber Dashae also uploaded a video in which he said that Tayler told him to “get the fu*k outta his DMs.” The video also included screenshots of the said conversation. Famous TikToker responded to this statement by saying that Deshae is faking the DMs. He posted a screenshot to his Instagram story saying that these were the actual messages. Tayler also said that he actually said: “wh-ck a*s” instead of “black a*s,” People just heard it wrong, and it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Tayler Holder addresses the rumors

On May 21, Tayler posted a video addressing all the rumors.

Racial slandering and racism is not something I play with. its not something I’ve ever been okay with and i will never be okay with that.

Tayler Holder claimed that he said wh-ck and not black; he further added that he would not say something like this. The famous Tiktoker also posted on his Twitter saying that people are thirsty a* and added this:

Imagine lying saying I’m racist

There is so much tension between Tayler Holder and DDG, and it is hard to figure out if DDG is right or Tayler. We pray that things cool down between the two and they find a way to sort out things real soon.

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