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Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock & Tiffany Hadish strip down to explain 'Naked' Ballots

Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock & Tiffany Hadish strip down to explain ‘Naked’ Ballots

Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Tiffany Hadish, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, among others strip down to explain 'naked' ballots for the upcoming 2020 US Elections.

We’ve seen celebrities use their platform in very innovative ways to spread awareness about the upcoming US Presidential Elections. Some celebrities are more like activists during an election year, like Alyssa Milano. While others are using their popularity and platform in creative ways to get people’s attention on voting. However, Sarah Silverman and a number of other celebrities decided to take a different route. Silverman, along with a bunch of other stars decided to explain ‘naked’ ballots to voters, by literally getting naked. Yes, a bunch of celebrities stripped down to help voters understand naked ballots.

Sarah Silverman and co. strip  down for awareness

Sarah Silverman was accompanied by her dad (yes, he got naked too), Chris Rock, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Schumer, Josh Gad, Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler, Naomi Campbell, and Ryan Bathe in the joint celebrity strip down. Oh, and there was also a cameo by Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen).

Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock & Tiffany Hadish strip down to explain 'Naked' Ballots

The purpose of the strip down PSA was to make viewers aware of mail-in voting and ‘naked’ ballots. Sarah Silverman and the others told the viewers to carefully follow every instruction on the ballot. Moreover, they told the viewers how in some states, like Pennsylvania, they have two stuff their ballot in two envelopes, otherwise, it’s called a naked ballot. When that happens, their ballot will get thrown out. And lastly, they must mail their ballots as soon as possible.

In the end of the PSA, Silverman and everyone else repeatedly told everyone who chose to vote-by-mail to vote as soon as possible. Here’s the celebrity strip down:

Sarah Silverman

Moreover, Sarah Silverman also shared the PSA on Twitter:

And in her caption, Silverman also mentioned “singing Imagine,” which was a reference to Gal Gadot and a bunch of other celebrities singing the famous John Lennon song in hope of motivating the world to live through quarantine at the start of the pandemic. That “Imagine” cover has become a standard of celebrity cringe. But, what did people think about this strip down by Sarah Silverman and her friends? Let’s take a look.

Twitter reacts

Well, the reaction to this strip down was mixed, to say the least. Some were okay with the banter and cracking jokes at Sarah Silverman, but were overall fine with it. Meanwhile, some took some serious offense at the PSA, thinking that the celebrities just went over the top for no reason. Here are some of the responses that went viral:

Moreover, one person even suggested Sarah Silverman make an OnlyFans page. And chances are that she’ll get a ton of subscribers within a matter of hours.

Despite the mixed reactions, Sarah Silverman did manage to achieve her objective. People are talking about them and naked ballots, at the very least. It’s trending and it’s a major subject of discussion on Twitter. So, in a way, you can say that Silverman and all the other celebrities… succeeded? You can check the trend #NakedBallots yourself. As bizarre as it looks, they got what they wanted. It’s a bit like how when Chris Evans accidentally leaked his nudes, he used all that attention to tell people to vote. I know it’s not the same, but if no one was harmed and they got everyone’s attention, who are we to complain?

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