RiceGum exposes Pokimane for cutting him off due to his image

RiceGum exposes Pokimane for cutting him off due to his image

In an interesting turn of events, Bryan Quang Le aka RiceGum revealed some shocking things to his viewers. He exposed Pokimane aka Imane for being a fan of him. He shared that the two used to be very close but she suddenly cut him off because of the image he had.

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The topic started when it was being discussed how Pokimane had deleted all her content and social media posts that included RiceGum.

Then RiceGum revealed that he and Pokimane used to be good friends back in 2015. Back then, Pokimane was a small creator at the time and RiceGum would often appear on her streams and that would help her get more views and publicity. But when she got significantly popular and famous, she deleted all her content with RiceGum because she wanted to appear “family-friendly” as per him.

“Me and Pokimane used to be friends in 2015. I would go on her stream, and she would average 500 viewers, bro. I would go on her Instagram, and she would average 2,000 likes. There are tons of clips online, and for some reason, every single one has been deleted. She wants to be family-friendly and perfect. She’s not Asian. Stop trying to steal our swag.”

Moreover, he also added that Pokimane used to be a loyal fan of his but this was no longer the case.

“Tell your Illuminati now, Poki, tell your team now! Bro, Poki been a fan, bro. It’s not weird, bro, but it makes sense. RiceGum’s image is not good; it’s dirty, he’s an a**hole, he don’t give a f**k. It’s not the same image as Poki, so she wants to separate herself and be only around people that are positive and have a good look. Who gives a f**k, bro! Just live your life.”

RiceGum also told Pokimane to remember where she came from. He shared that he would never betray his friends who were there for him at the very start. Fame changes people like it did for Pokimane as per RiceGum. But he assured his listeners that this isn’t something he would do.

“Now she’s not real because I’ve known her. She don’t remember where she came from; I swear to god, bro. I never switch up on my day 1’s even if I’m a superstar, and now I have to have a clean image like what, you go cut off your homies. Bro, you can’t delete this, but now if you ask her about me, she’s like, ‘Nah, I don’t know Rice, he’s weird.’ What did I do, bro? I’m just being myself. Imma be more wholesome and nice, so I can be your friend or something? She really cut me off as a friend because of my image. How crazy is that?”

Pokimane has not responded to this news as of yet. We’ll let you know when we hear something.

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