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Omer Fedi confirms relationship with Addison Rae in an adorable way

After months of suspense and rumors, Omer Fedi has confirmed his relationship with Addison Rae in an adorable Instagram post.

After months of rumors and speculation, Omer Fedi made his relationship with Addison Rae official. This month is extra special for Rae as her debut film was released on Netflix. At the same time, Fedi is enjoying success in his music career. In an Instagram post, he shared the couple’s successes and said he was proud of his ‘baby.’

After a public breakup with Bryce Hall, Addison Rae has mostly kept mum about her relationships.

The drama surrounding Hall and Rae’s romance is still not dead. From the beginning, the on-again, the off-again couple grabbed attention. Every day, there would be a new update about them. However, Addison Rae has moved on for good. Since then, she has kept relatively quiet about who she is dating. A few months ago, rumors came out about her relationship with Omer Fedi. According to reports, she met him through Kourtney Kardashian, who is dating Travis Barker.

Some of you might be wondering, who is Omer Fedi?

Initially, he is from Tel Aviv, Israel. At the age of 16, Omer Fedi moved to LA with his family. Since he was a kid, he has been surrounded by music. His father was a well-respected drummer in Israel. However, it was Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s album, Blood Sugar Se* Magik, which made him realize that he wanted to be a musician. Therefore, he started his journey and became a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Omer Fedi has worked with some of the most accomplished musicians in the world. Some of the names include Lil Nas X, Ella Mai, Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Barker. Recently he collaborated with Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi on their track, Stay.

In an Instagram post, Omer Fedi confirmed his relationship with Addison Rae.

Although they had been seen all over LA for a few months, they did not confirm their relationship. However, there were a few social media posts and comments. In one of her posts, Omer Fedi commented that he is in love with her. Similarly, Rae’s mom tweeted that Fedi makes her soul shine:

He’s truly a wonderful amazing person and he makes her soul shine. Love him.

After releasing He’s All That, Fedi congratulated Rae and confirmed their relationship.

In an Instagram story, he shared a picture of Rae’s film, and his song on Billboard number1 wrote:

“Me and my baby are both number 1 atm. I’m so, so, so proud of her. Wonder if we’re the first couple to ever do that with a movie and a song? Anyway, love you babe.”

So far, Rae has not responded. However, it seems that she has found true love (for the time being) in Omer Fedi.

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