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Mr. Beast's Squid Game: Player #067 Camilla Araujo Reveals The Moment She Realized She Went Viral

Mr. Beast’s Squid Game: Player #067 Camilla Araujo reveals the moment she realized she went viral

Recently, Camilla Araujo of Mr. Beast's Squid Game revealed where she was when she went viral on the internet.

A few weeks back, Mr. Beast’s Squid Game went viral on the internet. After the popularity of Netflix’s Korean series, the YouTuber community rushed to make their own versions. However, Mr. Beast’s rendition really caught the attention of everyone. Similarly, player #067, Camilla Araujo also became an overnight sensation. Recently, she appeared in a video with Noah Beck and revealed the moment she realized she had become so popular.

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From sets to contestants. Mr. Beast’s Squid Game is as close to the show as possible

While there’s no denying that Mr. Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers, even he has to stay on top with the latest trends. Therefore, when the Korean show came out on Netflix, he had to recreate it. Just like the show, Mr. Beast’s Squid Game had extensive sets and interesting games. During the 25 minute video, he made sure to create a similar set for every game. At the same time, there were 456 contestants, which is the same number of players the show had. In Mr. Beast’s Squid Game, the winner would take away $456000. However, the YouTuber himself had to spend a hefty amount in order to recreate the show. It took $3 million to make the 25-minute long video.

Mr. Beast's Squid Game, Camilla Araujo

During the YouTube video, player #067, Camilla Araujo caught the eye of viewers

While Mr. Beast’s Squid Game does not include the violence, it did have most of the similarities. In the show, the actress who played player #067 became an overnight sensation. After the show became a hit, Hyeon Jung gained millions of followers in a few days. Similarly, Camilla Araujo, who was player #067 in Mr. Beast’s Squid Game, also got the same attention. Originally from Texas, the 19-year-old is an aspiring model. After the video’s popularity, Camilla Araujo got 142k Instagram followers.

Recently, Araujo revealed the moment she realized about her popularity after Mr. Beast’s Squid Game came out

During the latest video of Back Seat Driver with Noah Beck, Mr. Beast’s Squid Game player #067 made an appearance. While talking to Camilla Araujo, Beck asked her about the recruiting process, the show, and how she found out that she had gone viral. According to her, she is friends with people who work with Mr. Beast. Furthermore, she said:

I was just chilling and working on campus and I got a text from them like hey, do you want to be on Mr. Beast’s Squid Game? So I was an extra just so if people don’t show up. And then I got to the set and everything started. It was super spontaneous and on the spot. It took a total of three days to film. We would get to the set at around 11 and we would get free around 2.30 am. Nothing was scripted, everything was raw, every reaction was raw. Nobody saw the set before the filming began. We saw it the moment it started filming.

During the video, she also talked about going viral after Mr. Beast’s Squid Game came out. Camilla Araujo said:

I was actually at the movies, watching Clifford. My phone started blowing up, When I saw blowing up, I mean blowing up. I don’t even know how to describe it. So the video came out at 4 and I’m watching it, and everyone is sending me screenshots like oh my God people are trying to find you. I didn’t have Twitter and people are like do you want me to out out your Instagram. And the next thing I know I have like 80000 followers. Then Drama Alert happened and NBC reached out.

Mr. Beast's Squid Game, Camilla Araujo

After the popularity of Mr. Beast’s Squid Game, Araujo wants to become an influencer now. At the same time, she wants to follow the footsteps of Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast, and give back to the community. Needless to say, she has big plans for the future.