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Nikita Dragun claims she was scr*wed by a ghost

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Famous YouTuber Nikita Dragun has yet again made another bizarre claim. The make-up artist claims that she was allegedly f*cked by a ghost! And no, before you think that this might be clickbait, Dragun herself was insistent that it isn’t. Furthermore, she explained the entire ordeal in a detailed YouTube video about her trip to Japan.

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Nikita Dragun and a ghost… did it

Nikita Dragun claims she was scr*wed by a ghost

So, Dragun announced on her Instagram stories that in an upcoming video, she is going to reveal how she got f*cked by a ghost. And throughout the story, she assured her viewers that the topic is NOT clickbait and that all the events she is describing happened in real life.

Later on, in the video she posted on YouTube, Dragun explained how a trip to Japan really turned out to be such a pivotal one that it would affect the rest of her life. It was a particularly long video as well, being 37-minutes long:

This video left several viewers stunned, with many not being able to believe the events that Nikita Dragun shared. However, some users assumed that this may be one other attempt by Dragun to rip off other famous YouTubers from their original content. One particular YouTuber that was highlighted who posted similar content was Trisha Paytas. She posted a series of videos where she dated and slept with a ghost. Paytas herself shared screenshots of her videos and highlighted how Dragun copied her content:


So, what do you guys think of Dragun and her alleged “incident” with a ghost? Do you think that it happened, or did Dragun just plagiarize Paytas’s content for clout? Let us know in the comments below.

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