Nikita Dragun Celebrates Trans Day Of Visibility In A Fun Way

The beauty mogul, Nikita Dragun, started her career as a YouTuber in 2014. She took her fans on the journey of her transition and shared everything in detail. Nikita‘s parents have played a very major part in her transitioning. She is very lucky to have two supporting pillars by her side.

Nikita has mentioned in her Instagram post that her transition journey was not at all easy. But she has changed so much in the past four years. And she feels so proud of herself.

Nikita- Twitter

For all those people who don’t know, ‘International Transgender Day Of Visibility‘ is celebrated every year on 31st March to raise awareness of the issues and the discrimination, the LGBT+ community has to face.

The Fun Begins In 3,2,1……

In the celebration vlog, Nikita Dragun logs on to her Omegle and gets ready to hop on a fun roller coaster ride.

“I am really really nervous, but I am excited. The biggest thing with this video is I don’t want it to be taken too seriously. Trans day of visibility is a day to celebrate.”

Do you know about Omegle?

Now for all those people who don’t know about Omegle, it is a chat website that lets you meet people all around the world. All you have to do is grab a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone with a camera. And that’s it.

Back to Nikita Dragun’s Omegle Chat

She mentions she hasn’t used Omegle since her transition. So she is full of nerves now. The reason for making this video is to basically educate people.

“I am making this video in order to help another trans person, in order to educate, even if people kind of have their own comments, which they have had over the years of me.

You know they want to say you’re not a real woman, you know you look like a dude, your voice sounds like a dude, you have the surgery. There is so much stigma that comes with being trans. And I feel like as a person who has this big platform, I just really seek to educate people.”

Her friends, James & Larae have also made crazy videos on Omegle.

She thought why not give it a try and make something interesting. Therefore, here comes the first couple who is clearly not maintaining the six feet distance during the quarantine. And they are not exactly social because they leave the chat with Nikita in less than 15 seconds.

Nikita Dragun facing rude people

What are you guys even doing on the app if you don’t want to indulge in chit-chatting? That was not at all polite.

Nikita: OMG, hey! Are you guys quarantined? That’s not social distancing.

The couple: Hi (and they disconnect the chat with her)

couple who is not maintaing the 6 feet distance

Nikita: “Hey, Hello! Do you speak English? No?

German guy: Yeah! Just a little bit.

Nikita: So I have something to tell you. Do you guys have trans people in Germany?

German guy: Trans? (confused)

And he disconnects the chat right after she tells him that she is transgender.

German guy

Well, That’s really sad. I was thinking this guy will actually try talking to her. Anyways, you can listen to Nikita Dragun‘s message for the German guy on her Youtube channel.

She was going to tell him that a lot of trans youth feel unsafe at school/college. Trans people are verbally abused especially when it comes to the washroom situation. They have to hear a lot of stuff from boys and girls. And this conversation with the German dude is a clear example of the things trans people have to face when they make their gender visible to others.

These Omegle Guys Are Crazy

There are so many guys who have their male specimens out on display. I mean guys, calm your testosterones down, please. The girl is actually trying to have a conversation with you all. Give her some respect.

Well! I am as speechless as Nikita Dragun. What’s up with you guys?

“Oh. Hi! Is this your face ? while you have your little situation out, I am going to tell you that I am trans. Did you know? Could you tell?………..

I am literally talking to your d**k right now”.

And this guy here also has the same issue.

oh no staaphh

“Oh My God !! How are you going to whip it out just like that?”

Nikita Dragun, while talking to another guy, explained:

“Yo! I have literally seen so many d**ks on this damn thing. My eyes are burned forever.”

And this guy is as confused as Donald Trump (no offense). First, he compliments Nikita by saying ” you look decent” and right after that, he calls her by a derogatory word. I can only pray for you to respect the LGBT+ community.

not so nice

And this stranger from Florida looks as bored as a chicken who is about to lay some eggs.

clearly bored

These boys have surely made Nikita Dragun’s heart melt

Starting with this guy right here who was complimenting Nikita Dragun throughout. And giving her them sexy looks.


This Michigan gamer guy has the cutest response.

Nikita: I am Trans.

Michigan guy: No, You ain’t.

Nikita: Yeah, I am.

Michigan Guy:  Are you a guy?

Nikita: I was born a male,yeah.

Then he goes like “daaammnn, you’re so good”.

Nice gamer

And this guy thinks Nikita is really attractive. Umm, I guess we all do.

this cutie

A true gentleman knows how to compliment a girl and this guy right here put a huge smile on Nikita‘s face and complimented her in many ways. Maybe we all can learn one or two things from this guy.

The sweetest

A love note for you ‘Nikita Dragun’

Sorry, that you had to see so many male specimens, babe. You can wash your eyes with lots of rose water. Or maybe, you should try cutting some Onions. They will burn your eyes equally. I mean it’s better to burn the vision of Onions on your eyes rather than d**ks.

I personally think we all can learn so much from this video. Gender Identity shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. We all are humans. We all are different in one way or the other. But it doesn’t mean that we should start throwing hate at people for things that are not really in their control.

Sending lots of love and chocolates your way.


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