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Nessa Barrett drags ex-boyfriend Josh Richards in Counting Crimes

Nessa Barrett has been trending on the internet for quite a while now. Initially, it was due to her relationship with Josh Richards. However, later on, she started her musical career, broke up with her then-boyfriend, and within a few weeks started dating Jaden Hossler. Jaden and Josh had always been close friends but seems like they are drifting apart now. Josh was pretty vocal about his breakup with Nessa. However, Nessa has always maintained her silence. Her latest track Counting Crimes is a song that throws major shade at Josh and their relationship.

Counting Josh Richards Crimes

Nessa Barrett is a multi-talented artist. She is not just a great singer, she is a great songwriter as well. In fact, Nessa has channeled her pain and sorrows going through a troubling relationship and turned it into beautiful music. Her tracks Pain, If You Love Me, La Di Die, and now Counting Crimes, all give a hint of how she was getting hurt.

After the whole Mads Lewis-Josh Richards situation, Nessa told her fans that her upcoming track Counting Crimes will tell her side of the story. In the song, she drags her haters and endorses self-love. Nessa Barrett looks back at the actions taken by Josh Richards (and assumed; Mads Lewis as well).

Talk how you talk, walk how you walk
‘Cause I’d have a problem sleeping
Wandering eyes and comfortable lies
You seem to sleep just fine
I’m not a saint, and I make mistakes
But next to you I’m holy

The phrase about wandering eyes hints at the cheating allegations against Josh Richards. While everyone blames Nessa Barrett for leaving Josh Richards and coming between him and Jaden Hossler. No one really knows what went behind the doors and why she broke up with Josh after getting back with him again.

Nessa Barrett says her crime count is low

While counting crimes, Nessa confirms that she is not a holy person. However, her crimes and sins count is still low as compared to the other person (Josh Richards).

If we’re counting crimes, nickels and dimes
We’d both have riches but you’d be the richest around
I could nevеr trust me again
If I did half of what you did, it’s enough to make mе sick

In the song, Nessa Barrett also confirms that she is not going to play the game of “revenge”. While recording a podcast with Zach Sang, she confirmed that she was never happy while she was at Sway House. She also confirmed that she was always crying there and she would use that pain to write song while sitting on the rooftop alone.

I don’t wanna play a sick twisted game
Of who can do worse to the other
And I’ll walk away
I don’t wanna play

There is a possibility that Nessa Barrett will be throwing more shade at her previous relationship in the coming songs of her first EP.

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