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Louis Tomlinson New Music Album ‘Walls’

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Louis Tomlinson is one-fifth of the history-making boy band from 2010, One Direction. The boy band broke up in 2016 to go on a ‘break’. Since then, all the One Direction boys have released music of their own. However, Louis was faced with some very personal lows during the solo highs of the rest of the band. After taking his time creating and recovering, Louis Tomlinson recently released updates on his new album, Walls.

Louis Tomlinson’s new album: Walls

The album is expected to go live 31st of January on Louis’s official website. The album is also available for pre-order on the webpage.

Louis released the tracklist on his Instagram with a beautiful mural on a wall in the streets of London. It was so incredibly mesmerizing. Artist Jay Kaes painted it.

Tomlinson’s Walls Complete Track List:

1. “Kill My Mind”

2. “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”

3. “Two Of Us”

4. “We Made It”

5. “Too Young”

6. “Walls”

7. “Habit”

8. “Always You”

9. “Fearless”

10. “Perfect Now”

11. “Defenceless”

12. “Only the Brave”

You may notice some tracks you have already heard such as ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’. ‘Two of us’ was a heartfelt dedication to the demise of his mother. Louis lost his sister around the same time too so, maybe we can expect a song about that too.

iHeart Radio interviewed Louis and this is what he had to say on what fans can expect from this album:

I always try to operate as a writer, lyrically it’s honest and it’s real. At times, blunt. Musically, it’s just live and as organic as I possibly could make it, and there’s plenty of guitars on there, so I’m really happy with the way the record sounds.

Here’s a bonus from Louis: There’s some Snapchat filters featuring his Album art all around the world! Check in your area now for a jolly good treat!

So, Louis is releasing his album now. This means he may have a tour planned in the near future. He’s already doing various promotions for the Louis Tomlinson Debut Album. We can not help but wonder, what does this mean for the possible One Direction Reunion? Stay tuned to find out!

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