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Logan Paul finds girlfriend Josie Canseco's fetishes weird

Logan Paul finds girlfriend Josie Canseco’s fetishes weird

So once again Logan Paul talks about Josie Canseco and her weird fetishes in the latest Impaulsive podcast. I am kind of confused because a couple of months ago Logan mentioned how Josie likes to touch his as*hole. And now he just shared that Josie loves the pattern of his farts. Umm, we really wanted this to be one of the lamest and bad jokes shared by Logan. But he is pretty much serious about it.

Oh, and I just want you guys to know that we are just getting started with the fart jokes. And you will be amazed to know how much knowledge Mike has on these gaseous whiffs.

Logan Paul talks about Josie Canseco’s fart fetish

We really can’t say if Josie’s fetishes have been upgraded. But smelling farts is a little better than putting your finger in your other half’s as*hole. And guess what’s common between these two fetishes? Obviously the poor little as*hole.

“My girlfriend has fallen in love with my pattern of farting. She has started to maybe like resent the chef because of the meals that he is putting on my body.”

We all know that Logan is also preparing for his fight and his meals are usually full of proteins. So, it’s one of the reasons why his as*hole has become a farting machine. And Mike being Mike couldn’t control himself so he had to do Logan really dirty.

“He (Logan) has been disgusting lately. We went on that party bus the other night. And I would get this fuc*ing gaseous whiff of ketchup and as*hole.”

There was no way Logan would have gotten out of this mess easily so he put the blame on one of Josie’s friends. So, Mike called out his bluff and asked him which one of Josie’s supermodel friends were sharting on the bus.

“Something tells me it was the boxing idiot that’s taking in 200 milligrams of protein a second right now. Who is dropping mud in his Link and Zelda outfit.”

Well, maybe it’s about time Logan should add some fiber and carbohydrates to his diet. So at least his pattern of farting can change a little bit.

Mike Majlak and Logan Paul talk about the gaseous decompression theory

Last but not the least, here are some tips and tricks from Logan and Mike to control the gaseous-toot sound effects.

Logan Paul

So the first tip is definitely going to be from Logan because he is becoming a pro in understanding & explaining the mechanism of farting.

“The key is to pressurize slowly. So if you let it go all at once, there is going to be audio that follows.”

I don’t know about you guys but I am literally rolling on the floor laughing at the moment. And it’s also making me want to sing ‘Let It Go’ at the top of my lungs.

And Mike just took things on a serious level and explained the theory behind gaseous decompression.

“It’s a casual loosening of the sphincter. You tighten it up, cuz you know it (the fart) is coming. And you are using varying ratio driven matrics to loosen your b-hole as the fart pushes downward because of the gravity.”

Umm, well, so we just talked about some grown as* men explaining the science behind controlling farts.

I guess we all were clenching our a*s when Mike explained the method for loosening fart pressure. These guys are surely keeping us all entertained. Let’s make some wild guesses about what’s going to be next on Josie’s weird fetish list.

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