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Liza Koshy features in Music Video with Anthony Ramos

Liza Koshy is up and at it. She’s working on her new Quibi Dance show and being her little brown girl self. Liza is a mighty impressive person with her talent and knack for the camera and spotlights. Her newest venture According to Anthony Ramos, the American singer, she’s one of the few people he believes in to bring his vision to life.

With each mini movie comes the star you have in mind. From the moment I thought about making this video, there was only one person in mind. @lizakoshy. It’s one thing to envision who you have in mind to help bring your dream to life, but another to actually get to do it wit em. Liza truly made this vivid vision a reality.

This says a lot about Liza herself. She seems to have had fun making the video too!

Anthony Ramos is grateful to Liza Koshy for being a part of the Relationship

Thank you for saying yes and coming to NY, shooting a video wit ur boy, eating at my favorite Puerto Rican Restaurant in the city with my whole family, having picklebacks at some bar in Lower Manhattan and gifting us all with your talents! Mad love fam. Les Goooo!

Liza Koshy lives in Los Angles but went to New York to be a part of Ramos’s project. ‘Relationship’ is out now and available to watch on Anthony’s YouTube. It’s kind of fun to see Liza be on YouTube even though it is not on her own channel. We cannot say that we do not miss the Dollar Store Liza but seeing her in this brilliantly executed video is so nice.

Liza Koshy

Another point to note: The video is shot in a Dance studio. So, who knows, maybe this says more about Liza Koshy’s Quibi show Floored.