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Liza Koshy Is In Relationship With Anthony Ramos

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As soon as Liza Koshy dropped her latest vlog, I’m in relationship, many people got confused, excited and hurt at the same time. Though the 2nd half of the video does mention Behind The Scenes With Anthony Ramos. But, it did sound like “going official” news for a second. Too bad I didn’t see the relationship video before Liza dropped the vlog. Yes, Liza and David Dobrik broke up. No, she is not dating Anthony Ramos. She was only in the music video with him.

Liza Koshy Is Not Dating Anthony Ramos

Even though they look very cute together, you really scream “couple goals” by seeing both Liza Koshy and Anthony Ramos getting cozy with each other. However, they are not really dating in real life.

liza koshy

Liza Koshy’s Vlog takes you down the memory lane, or behind-the-scenes, while she was shooting the video of “Relationship” with Anthony Ramos. However, both of them did share some cute AF moments together. And they dance reallllllly good.

Anthony Ramos Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy even finds him cute. But, she also found him ugly for a moment. That’s just how she rolls.

liza cute

Anthony was happy to work with Liza and it shows in the BTS cuts shared by her. In fact, Anthony said:

This amazing, incredible human being came from LA.

The video was shot in New York. Meanwhile, Liza had this to say about her experience:

This is pure magic.

After spending 14 hours shooting for the video, and having some amazing moments with Anthony Ramos & the crew, Liza Koshy got emotional saying goodbye to the cam:

Today was inspiring, motivating,…(car horns)

Her monologue was interrupted by a loud car horn and she shouted “I’m vlogging” back at the person in the car. The rest of the comments were recorded from her moving car. (that’s a guess.)

This was dope. That’s cool to make something, to make art with somebody who trusted me to tell the real story. Thanks Anthony.

Anthony even confessed that the love is real.

anthony ramos

But Liza kinda bro-zoned.

anthony liza

LOL. Cute. Anyways! At the end of the Vlog, Liza shared some more amazing shots. You’ve to see it for yourself.

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  1. Layla says

    Yeah, um Anthony is engaged so she didn’t bro-zone him

  2. NotThrowingAwayMyShot says

    Omg I love Hamilton and yeah he’s engaged so don’t mess with him like how Hamilton let Maria Reynolds in………..

  3. Tiredofyourbs says


    “Stop talking about Hamilton. Not everything is about Hamilton” -Anthony Ramos

    If you actually did your research, you’d see that Maria Reynolds was forced into the affair by her abusive husband James Reynolds. He threatened to kill her 6 year old daughter if she didn’t. That is completely different than Anthony and Liza. IT’S A MUSIC VIDEO. THEY’RE BOTH ACTING.

    And yeah, you might love Hamilton, I do too, but Anthony’s not in Hamilton anymore. Get over it sweetie

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