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Liza Koshy New Dance Show Coming Soon!

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Liza Koshy is a Viner turned YouTuber turned actor and celebrity. She’s dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving and a little bit cray which makes her the perfect star. Liza has hosted, acted, and starred in series created by herself and her fellows. Her most popular appearance is in her own YouTube Premium show; Liza on Demand. In the show, she is a freelance worker who does tasks from an app whenever people hire her. It’s a hoot and a half if you want to kill some time. Liza is so hyperactive and energetic that it’s hard to imagine her not being super up and running. This is proven as we find that, Liza has a new Dance show called ‘Floored’ coming up. Well, that’s something to look forward to

Liza Koshy New Dance Show ‘Floored’

Liza Koshy Dance Floor Show Floored

The YouTuber is always up to one thing or another. She has come a long way from being the Little Brown Girl from Houston Texas, baby! So, the name of the new dance show is ‘Floored’. Well, I think if Liza has to put in words on the show, she’ll have quite the fun with her puns. She has her way with those.

According to the very limited information that is available about the show, it will start in April. It is to air on Quibi. A streaming app that launches in April too. It is available to pre-order on Play Store though. Go get it now! For the love of Liza!

Shows to Expect on Quibi

Currently, Quibi is busy advertising their app. They are working on shows to produce and launch. With only two months in April, they are probably busy finalizing and editing tapes and shots.

Liza isn’t the only celebrity having her own show on Quibi. Quibi has advertised a show with Idris Elba. The name of this show is Elba Vs Block. There are other shows like The Fugitive, Survive and Chrissy’s Court.

So, in the end, one thing we’d like to know is, is Liza Koshy judging, partaking or hosting the Quibi show ‘Floored’. Stay Tuned to find more.

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