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Larray's Unique Apology for Using the N word

Larray’s Unique Apology for Using the N word

Larray (real name Larri Merritt) is a popular TikToker and YouTuber who has a lot of famous friends. He belongs to the famous Hype House and rakes over millions of views in each of his TikTok. So, when he used the N-word in an online video, people were upset and demanding an apology. Larray did apologize but in his own unique way.

Larray’s apology for using the N-Word

In a turn of events, we see Larray apologizing by revealing his true ethnicity:

Larray Black

Yes, that in fact is true. Larray is Black, but to be precise, he’s a mixed race. The internet personality and star has not been that vocal about his race.

We do know that he has 13 siblings. He revealed that in an interview with AweseomnessTV and this is the animation they used alongside it:

Larray Family

So, this implies that he could be coming from a mixed race family.

Fans reacted to the apology

Everyone found the apology amusing and responded in various ways. One fan was wondering who asked Larray to even apologize in the first place:

Another pointed out that everyone already knew this:

There were also some commending him for being so serious about the issue:

Some are readily accpeting the apology:

Larray truly has some loyal fans out there:

Previously, Larray did a proper genuine apology for partying during the pandemic. His close friend Nikita Dragun threw a big party inviting all of the most popular TikTokers and influencers over. This caused a lot of backlash with some like Tyler Oakley calling Larray out.

Though, Larray did not deflect and get defensive. He sincerely apologized for his mistakes and vowed to do better.

Let’s see if people will let him off the hook completely or not. As we know, the internet just needs a reason to hate on someone these days.