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Tyler Oakley Calls out Larray for Partying amid pandemic | Larray Responds!

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So, these days the influencers are taking life not that seriously. Well, that’s a good mantra to have. Just not when you’re in the middle of a pandemic and your actions are putting others at harm. Which is what Larray (real name Larri Merritt) and his influencer friends were doing. On Larray’s 22nd birthday, Nikita Dragun got together all of their friends including James Charles, the Hype House members, and threw a big bash. Now, the world is bashing them for it. The prominent YouTuber who is speaking up against the party is Tyler Oakley. And he got a response from Larray himself.

Before we get to that, let’s see what Tyler Oakley had to say.

Tyler Oakley didn’t want to cancel anyone but wanted these influencers to be responsible

He first tweeted out generally against influencers having big parties during a pandemic:

Tyler Oakley Influencers

The YouTuber dubbed such influencers as bad influences. And called the people to stop supporting them.

Then, later on, he retweeted this tweet and added this:

Tyler Oakley calls out Tana Mongeau James Charles Nikita Dragun

He directly called out the influencers that were present at this party. Apart from Larray, there was Nikita Dragun, who organized the whole thing. There was also James Charles and Tana Mongeau, popular YouTubers with their own unique controversies in the past.

Then there were TikTok stars Charli  D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio. There were other Hype House members too such as Bryce Hall.

Fans were appreciating Tyler Oakley was calling them out. One fan commented:

I am so happy you are speaking about this! It puts them in danger and the people around them in danger. Thank you!
Tyler Oakley responded saying:
exactly! i want them to stay healthy, i want their people to stay healthy, i want vulnerable people they may come into contact with to stay healthy… they just need a reminder that they have the added responsibility of being role models during a crucial moment in our country.
When one urged Tyler to ‘drag them’, Tyler Oakley stated that it’s not his intention to drag anyone:
not trying to drag them! just reaching out & hoping they feel encouraged to take everything a bit more seriously. getting through a pandemic takes teamwork. & people look to them for guidance!
And when one fan said they hope the influencers get COVID, Tyler shared:
i hope they don’t! they’ll likely come into contact with many vulnerable people who DO take precautions, the last thing i want to happen is for those people to be impacted by their irresponsible behavior.
Generally, people were agreeing with what Tyler Oakley was doing. They appreciated his gesture of calling influencers out for doing something really irresponsible.

Larray actually agrees with Tyler Oakley

Instead of getting defensive or creating an apology video on YouTube, Larray replied on Twitter right away.

Larray Responds Tyler Oakley

Larray explains that he does understand what Tyler is trying to convey and agrees it was dumb. Moreover, he claims that he will do better and that he appreciates Tyler.

Other people that were present in the party have not yet responded.  But they are getting a lot of heat so they would have to address these issues. Apart from partying and not following the precautionary rules, they also shared all of the pictures on their Instagram.

Let’s see if the influencers will respond to the backlash or not.

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