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Larray shades Tati Westbrook in his diss track 'Canceled' with James Charles strutting to it

Larray shades Tati Westbrook in his diss track ‘Canceled’ with James Charles strutting to it

Larray has proven himself to be the king of diss tracks with his new track ‘Canceled‘. From mentioning the Sister Squad to dragging the hype House, Larray left no stone unturned. He also brought in the major scandal in the beauty community of YouTube in the diss track. Larray ended up shading Tati Westbrook with a confident James Charles strutting to it, making an iconic entrance.

Larray drags Tati Westbrook in the Diss Track

In the diss track, Larray mentions Tati Westbrook’s name and references how the major dramageddon happened:

Tati forty and complaining about some vitamins (Grow up)
You don’t like James, so why the hell did you invite him in? (Bye)

On these lines, James Charles walked into the classroom where Larray is ‘teaching’ the class about ‘cancel culture’ in the music video. James was strutting to the lyrics with a confident demeanor.

As you may know, vitamins played a major role in starting the drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

The two were close friends and James Charles even did Tati’s makeup for her wedding. Though, at a Coachella event of last year, James ended up sponsoring a vitamin company, Sugar Bear Hair.

Tati Westbrook felt betrayed at this and it became a major reason for her to release a video exposing this and other actions of James Charles that hurt her.

What shocked the fans the most was the allegations of James Charles preying and manipulating straight men into doing what he wanted. But James cleared out all this with his video ‘No More Lies’.

Tati Westbrook also took back what she said in a video this year called ‘Breaking My Silence’. In it, she revealed that she had apologized and reconciled with James Charles privately. And in the video, she admitted she was manipulated by people who did not have the right intentions. The people she named were Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Both of them have denied doing that. However, many of the people no longer fully trust either Shane or Jeffree due to their multiple other scandals.

James Charles seems to have moved on from all that drama

The ‘Canceled’ diss track is also showing the world that James Charles is fine with having a little fun now and then by mentioning the old drama. Even though at the time, the Instant Influencer creator admitted he felt suicidal and went to a dark place when the scandal was happening.

It’s nice to see that at least some members of that feud have reconciled with each other. More so that they can even laugh about it.

However, Tati Westbrook has made no response to the video as of yet. But it doesn’t seem like Tati and James would engage in another online fight again.

Like James Charles shared with The Hollywood Fix, ‘It’s all in good fun’.