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James Charles gets cancelled for "ignoring" Muslim Lives Matter

James Charles gets cancelled for “ignoring” Muslim Lives Matter

We are living in the cancel culture and it’s time to cancel everyone for every reason, apparently. 2020 is not over yet and we have no idea what the winters will bring. For now, the world has already canceled dozens of influencers and celebrities. And now, they are coming for James Charles again. James remains unscathed in the recent beauty community drama that led to Shane Dawson giving up on his YouTube channel. But some of the people were still looking for a way to cancel him, and they are using the Muslim Lives Matter TikTok chain to do it.

Getting cancelled for Muslim Lives Matter Uyghurs chain

There are many active trends on tiktok at the moment and one of these is Uyghurs awareness campaign. Uyghurs or Uighurs are culturally and ethnically closer to Central Asians regions. Majority lives in Xinjiang and the number is approximately 11 million. From the last few years, news of alleged persecution of the Muslim Minority Group, Uyghur, by China has been going viral on the internet. Initially, denied that no such camp exists where Muslims are being held forcefully.

However, later they confirmed that they have to do it to re-educate these Muslims. How safe are these counter-extremism camps? Is their a hidden agenda? Some reports claim that there were many Uyghur Muslims abortions, and killed newborns just to control Uyghur population. In fact, BBC also reported that birth control was forced on Uyghurs as well.

To raise awareness through TikTok, the Uyghur chain was started by someone. The person tagged many influencers to continue the chain in duet form. Willy Wonka, Ondreaz Lopez and others used their platforms to raise awareness. Ondreaz even tagged James Charles to continue the chain. However, James Charles did not do it at least for a week after being tagged.

Fans cancelling James Charles

Soon after the fans noticed that James Charles has not responded to the chain. And they were not happy with it. So they started commenting under James Charles’s recent TikToks.

James Charles tiktok

People even claimed that James Charles is deleting all the comments that demanded t raise awareness for MLM or Muslim Lives Matter.

Muslim Lives Matter

James Charles is currently vacationing in Hawaii.

Ondrea Lopez

As clear from the comments, some people even called out James Charles for not following COVID SOPs.

James Charles responds to the backlash


And they did not even bother to check the latest updates on the social media. James Charles addressed the issue on tiktokroom on Instagram. He said that he avoids comments because of negativity and people are canceling him for no reason.

James highlighted main issues like people assuming TikTokers know everything going around the world. And the claim that James was  ignoring the Muslim Lives Matter on purpose. In reality, he did not know about it.

In his response, James Charles also asked people to pay focus on better things that will lead to a better future. Like signing petitions and donating to help those Uyghur Muslims in true sense. Following a TikTok trend won’t be that helpful and everyone knows that. James Charles also added that he will not be following the chain now. Since the people canceling him will take advantage of it to cancel him again for other reasons.

James Charles supports Muslim Community

After finding out about Uyghurs, James Charles has done his research on the Uyghur Muslims. And during his research, he has signed petitions and donated money. This is not the first time James Charles has supported the Muslims. In the past, James had called out the Vegas terrorist and how the media blames Muslims pretty quickly while do not do the same for white-skinned people.

James Charles