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Josh Richards Is Invited to Jaden Hossler’s 21st Birthday | Will He Go?

TikTok stars Josh Richards and Jaden Jossler, aka jxdn were once two best friends. They were the closest to each other out of the Sway House team. But a bit of complicated relationship drama affected their friendship so severely that they are not on good terms anymore.

What happened between Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards

It all started a couple of months ago in 2021 when Josh Richards’s on-and-off girlfriend Nessa Barrett did a song collaboration with Jaden Hossler on ‘la di die’. Nessa was on a temporary break from Josh at this time. But Jaden was in a relationship with another TikTok star Mads Lewis. At that time, those four were in a tight-knit group.

However, Mads posted hints on social media that Nessa was trying to “steal” Jaden away from her. Mads also broke up with Jaden, and Josh Richards said in the BFFs podcast that it all happened because of Nessa:

“She (Mads) just doesn’t like Ness. They are not fans of each other.”

Ultimately, she ended up doing a long interview with Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy. There Mads accused Nessa’s team of pushing Nessa and Jaden into a relationship in order to promote their new song collaboration. Mads also thought Nessa and Jaden had betrayed her and Josh Richards. She did clarify that no one cheated on anyone. At the time she said:

“I love Jaden. I wish him the absolute f*cking best, I want him happy. So, if him being happy is being with Nessa, then be with f*cking Nessa. If you being happy is being with somebody else, then be with them.”

Jaden Hossler addressed the accusations and shared that he has nothing against Josh Richards and that he still deeply cares about him:

“I literally went to jail for Josh. He wouldn’t be put in a worst situation. And I have not been able to talk about that for literally a year, almost. And everyone coming after me “you are that dude, you are that backstabber”. I actually went to jail. I got detained, I was in jail for 15 hours. That’s how much I loved him. Nobody cheated. This is why this is such a f*cked up situation.”

Meanwhile, Nessa Barrett didn’t badmouth anyone. But here is what she said:

“I don’t need to pity myself. I know the decision I made. y’all don’t know the whole story and probably never will because the truth hurts and it shouldn’t be online. night”

And Josh similarly shared:

“Personally, I am going to handle this offline. The last 3 weeks has been hard on me and I just need time to think. I appreciate all of my friends and supporters that have reached out to check in on me. It means more than you know. I’m doing ok and have no ill will towards anyone.”

After her ‘Call Her Daddy Podcast’, Mads Lewis went on to Dixie D’Amelio’s talk show and said that Jaden Hossler cheated on her throughout her relationship. Moreover, she also called Jaden a ” gaslighting narcissist” and a “liar”.

In response, Nessa Barrett uploaded an Instagram Story:

And in her new songs, especially ‘counting crimes,’ there are some lyrics that seem to allude to her fractured relationship with ex-boyfriend Josh Richards:

If we’re counting crimes, nickels and dimes
We’d both have riches but you’d be the richest around
I could nevеr trust me again
If I did half of what you did, it’s enough to make mе sick

Then, in September 2021, Jaden defended his relationship with Nessa against online trolls and haters.

A hater said that Jaden would cheat on Nessa while on tour. In response, Jaden wrote:

“F**k outta here, I’m not w all that dumb sh*t. That’s my girl and always will be. Wouldn’t risk that for the world. I’m here to play music.”

He also wrote on his Instagram Stories:

“I just want to say I’ve seen some dumba*s people online saying some dumba*s sh*t . We are open enough to put our relationship online bc we are genuinely happy. Y’all don’t know what anyone has been through, so stop tearing into people you have never met. I’ve never found joy like I found w Nessa. She deserves the world y’all have no idea. I know this won’t do much bc people online are toxic as f**k, but since everyone was giving their opinion I thought I would too. This girl saved my life.”

Fast forward to 2022, Nessa and Jaden are still going strong, Mads keeps talking about them, and Josh has wholly moved on

Many TikTok stars and influencers chose different sides when the drama unfolded. Many were taking Josh’s side because they thought he was wronged. But a couple of months have passed and everyone is now friends with everyone.

Jaden and Nessa are frequently seen out and about with Bryce Hall, Hunter Moreno, Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, and more. Many of them are still in touch with Josh Richards as well and are also seen partying with him.

But we do not see Josh Richards with Nessa Barrett or Jaden Hossler. Mads Lewis is also not present but she always had a different social group to hang out with.

Bryce Hall is close now with Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler. He’s quite the political Sway House boy here. He likes to keep in touch with everyone.

Recently, Jaden Hossler is planning to have a big birthday bash to celebrate his 21st birthday. And guess what? He invited Josh Richards!

Will Josh Richards go to Jaden Hossler’s 21st birthday party?

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards were talking about it on a live stream. Bryce said that Jaden asked him if he should invite Josh to his party:

“He told me, he was like ‘Should I like invite Josh?’ I was like, ‘You can.'”

Josh laughed and said:

“Should I just go? Should I just pull up?”

Bryce added that it’s been so long since Josh and Jaden met, so he should go. But Josh clearly said with a laugh:

“No, I’m not going. No. I’m not going to his birthday. F*ck that.”

Josh seems not ready to see his old friend Jaden Hossler and ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett together. We’ll have to wait and see if the situation stays like that. They do run around in the same social circles, so Jaden and Nessa bumping into Josh is inevitable! Let’s hope it’s not as dramatic as it used to be.

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