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Jeffree Star Confirms Nathan Schwandt and Him Broke up

The YouTuber just confirmed everyone’s worst fear. Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt have officially broken up. The news comes from a heartbreaking 17-minute video from Star himself. In it, he candidly opens up about the reasons for the breakup and what we can expect from him in 2020. Star also cleared up that his mom is not ill and she is still alive, despite crazy rumors going around the internet.

The reasons for the breakup

We were already speculating that the two had broken up. But now it’s official. The news has devastated fans. Jeffree Star opened up about their struggles this past year. From losing their dogs’ Daddy and Diamond in the same year to Jeffree Star Cosmetics being robbed, there was a lot of pain off-camera. It became a lot to deal with for the two of them.

The YouTuber stated that they both were too busy in their routine lives and busy being there for each other that they forgot to focus on themselves:

“A few years ago, Nathan lost his grandfather in a very tragic way. You guys know that me and Nathan, we lost two dogs last year…and we still haven’t even fully processed that. He hasn’t even processed his grandfather yet. We haven’t processed our dogs fully because this lifestyle is so crazy and we’re always on to the next thing, filming the next thing, me and him have never just sat down and processed our emotions. We’re both broken and we were both so busy being there for each other that we forgot to be here for ourselves, and that’s what 2020 is—is focusing on our own selves.”

There was a special emphasis on mental health by Jeffree Star. When you’re too caught up in the hectic routine of life and traumatic incidents keep happening, it’s hard to process any of it.

Jeffree did admit that their busy life was what acted as a distraction from the pain from all of it. However, everyone reaches their breaking point.

The YouTuber also shared that he is still grateful to have a loving family, friends, and co-workers around him to support him through this painful time in his life.

Jeffree Calls Nathan the only man he ever loved

The Youtuber was quite open about his love for Nathan Schwandt. Jeffree stated that every guy before Nathan always kept Jeffree a secret because of fear of what people might think. Nathan was the only one that didn’t care about any of that and loved Jeffree for who he was:

“I’m grateful for him and I’ll be grateful until the day I die. Because this was the only man that was ever confident enough to love me publicly, to love me for me, fully, all my flaws, no makeup waking up in bed, to full-on, like, you know what I mean, like, he never cared about any of it and he just loved me for me. And no man has ever had those feelings, I don’t think, for me. And I’ve never loved someone like I’ve loved him.”

Whilst sharing a message from Nathan to their fans, Jeffree Star shared:

I just want to put this on record that Nathan is the only man that I’ve ever been in love with and I know he’s not here today, but he wanted to say hi and sent his love to everyone. It’s been difficult because Nathan never wanted to be in the spotlight.”

What 2020 Holds for Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt

It’s certainly heartbreaking to see a relationship like theirs come to an end, but Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt are adamant in staying strong. They’re both going to take their time to heal and properly process everything that they went through.

“It’s 2020. We’re gonna start things off fresh. I’m starting this year off alone and I can’t even believe I’m saying that. I’m so devastated but I’m strong and you guys know that me and Nate had been through so much together.

During this time Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt will stay friends with each other and still love each other like they used to. Star shared that the two aren’t in love with each other anymore but will always have respect and gratitude for one another.

He also shared that two of his subscribers and fans Kevin Bacon and Dylan Cook had passed away recently. Also dedicating this video to them and their families, Jeffree Star urged everyone to be more compassionate and caring for one another.