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Fans Believe Victoria Pedretti & Hilary Duff Are Twins

‘You’ loyalists, did you notice something? Victoria Pedretti, who played the role of ‘Love Quinn’ in Netflix’s ‘You’ has been under the spotlight. Her character had a crazy twist in the end. The actress is getting tons of attention because she is a great actress and also super pretty. And also because Victoria is being called pop-star icon Hilary Duff’s literal twin.

Netflix’s ‘You’ actress Victoria Pedretti and Hilary Duff- doppelgangers?

I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance myself.

From the moment Victoria Pedretti was on the screen, there was a touch of singer and actress Hilary Duff etched across her. Their facial features, hair, and even their body language and voice have such a clear similarity. However, this feeling of mine was confirmed when many flocked together to discuss this online.

It’s confirmed. The two look strikingly similar. (and that is a compliment because both the actresses are stunning.)

Another Twitter user posted photos of Hilary Duff with her husband, and mentioned how both looked exactly like “Love and Joe from You.”

And, yes. They do. Now we see it, too!

Victoria Pedretti Believed to be Kat Dennings and Hilary Duff’s Love Child

Many others believe Victoria looks like a mixture of Hilary Duff and Kat Dennings. She is now being referred to as what their ‘love-child’ would look like.

There’s a hint of Elizabeth Olsen too!

Some others have even added a dash of Elizabeth Olsen to the look-alike mix.

Wait, Victoria Pedretti is also looking like Rachel McAdams to some

Okay, that’s not all. There’s even another group of people. The ones who believe Victoria Pedretti looks like Rachel McAdams. We are in on this one too.

Redditors discussed this revelation:


Clearly, Netflix’s Victoria Pedretti is in comparison with many other actresses, looks-wise. Our vote is hands-down on Hilary Duff, though.

Who do ‘You’ think she really resembles?