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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Had $1 Million Worth of Product Stolen

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Shane Dawson has released the third episode of his Jeffree Star Series. The episodes aptly titled ‘The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star’ showcase the difficulties both the stars had to face while working on the new makeup product. The cat controversy Shane was involved in was shown in real-time while Jeffree Star reveals the shocking incident of his makeup worth million being stolen.

Jeffree Star’s Products Stole

Star sent in a voice memo to Shane Dawson the day after the cat controversy. The voice memo stated that products were stolen from the makeup mogul’s warehouse. He also mentioned that it could be an inside job:

Hey when it rains, it pours right?
I woke up today and a 1 million dollar of product was stolen from my warehouse last night. We believe that it was an inside job. And I am just in full pain mode right now.

Amongst the things that were stolen was the unlaunched Blue Blood palette, new concealers that Star was about to launch and weirdly enough, red bull.

Talking about the incident, Jeffree Star expressed how he felt:

It’s just so crazy because it was the biggest launch in a few years and there was so much excitement. But for an unplanned delivery to get stolen has shook to my fucking core

Since this happened the next day after the cat controversy of Shane Dawson blew up, Star was speculating if there was someone that was out to get both Dawson and Star. Their collaboration on the series and the makeup product was not something hidden. The audience knew about the idea itself because both the YouTubers talked about it in their collaborative series last year.

Star Had Tightened Security After This Incident

The thieves apparently stole the video footage as well and since the Jeffree Star Cosmetics did not have backup footage of it, they were completely in the dark. Star mentioned that he had paid a team to track down the makeup product and buy it off. No details about the criminal were revealed. We don’t know if at this time the criminal was caught. But this incident did lead to Jeffree Star fortifying his warehouse and house, and upping the security of the place.

Along with this news, we also got to see more Shane Dawson’s new makeup palette. The shades were shown along with what the packaging might look like.

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