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Jeffree Star Nathan Schwandt Breakup Devastates Fans


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Our Queen Jeffree Star started the year off strong. With his new house and positive attitude, it almost felt as if nothing could go wrong. But maybe it was too good to be true. Jeffree Star disappeared from all social media on 4th of January. In the few days that he was going through his blackout, fans kept coming up with theories and some prayed for his well-being. However, Jeffree’s comeback came with an extremely devastating news. The adorable couple, Nathan Schwandt and  Jeffree Star broke up. As shocking as it was, fans were utterly and truly heartbroken.

Jeffree Star fans respond to initial rumors

When the rumors were going on and Jeffree hadn’t confirmed anything himself, fans were devastated even to the thought of the breakup.

We can only imagine how hard that might be.


Fans show their unconditional support.

It is so overwhelming to see such love and dedication by a fan base for their beloved. So Jeffree doesn’t have to worry about being alone after Nathan Schwandt.

Fan comments on the Break-up with Nathan Schwandt Video on YouTube.

Jeffree: We broke up

Me: Smashes TV, tosses over dressers, breaks glass doors, and throws PC off 15 story balcony. Realize I’ll always be alone too

-if only i had a brain

That’s quite a lot of damage post Nathan Schwandt.

I Died when I was watching this video. I’m crying ,whyyyyyyyyyyy😭

-chicken nugs

Hold on there pal. Your support means a lot for Jeffree after this break up.

I just wanna give him a hug my heart hurts for him but I have faith that everything will work out as it should. Everything is gonna be good ❤️

-Erica Meeks

Yes. That’s the kind of support Jeffree needs right now.

Fans on Twitter also expressed their condolences


It’s so nice to see some fans consoling Jeffree and telling others to make it easy for him in this hard time.

Meanwhile, some fans just ran out of words and used GIFs to express their emotions on the break up with Nathan Schwandt.


This particular fan called them the ‘Elite Couple’ and she’s probably not wrong.


Fans supporting him in spite of their own heartbreaks is truly an epitome of their devotion towards him. They seem to be very affected by this breakup.

We hope Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt heal soon, and in hopes of any make up, we’ll keep you updated.

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