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Jeffree Star Boyfriend Alert | Who’s The Mystery Guy ?

Alright, so it’s been almost 5 months since Jeffree Star parted ways with his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Their breakup was almost clean. But, then Jeffree stirred havoc on social media, and there appeared to be bad blood between the two. But Nathan has been silent throughout.

Recently, Jeffree Star shared some pictures on his social media. In which you can see a guy names ‘Jozea Rose’ with his pretty big ‘peach’ on display. So is this dude Jeffree’s new arm candy, a real boyfriend, or just a rebound?

History of Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt’s relationship

The couple broke up in early January right after moving in Jeffree Star’s million dollars mansion. They dated for a very long time without causing any sort of drama or distress for their fans or viewers. Jeffree was not in a good head space after the back to back deaths of his two lovely Pomeranians. Nathan and Jeffree both were like two peas in a pod. And they were so into each other that they didn’t even have time for themselves. So they decided to part ways.

A few months back Jeffree Star changed the title and description of one of his old Youtube videos. In the video, he was gifting Nathan an Aston Martin. But according to the sassy Youtuber, the Aston Martin always belonged to him and him only ( I repeat ).

However, this divided some fans. Some were taking Nathan Schwandt’s side and some were agreeing with Jeffree. Some were even concerned when Jeffree Star said he had some legal issues to sort out when talking about his drama with Nathan. Now it finally seems like Jeffree Star has moved on with his life and has found a new beau.

Is ‘Jozea Rose’ Jeffree Star’s New Boyfriend?

So I actually got to know about Jeffree Star’s mystery guy from Peter Monn’s latest YouTube video. J-Fans actually approached Peter via DMs and asked questions about this new guy.

Jeffree posted three pictures on his Instagram story. And I will be sharing them with you guys. So, the first picture is a little hot to handle. I don’t know about you guys, but this chest is a very nice chest slightly covered in Versace’s bathrobe.

This chest is everything

Oh, My Dayumnn !! This view is everything. Trust me guys, it was hotter without this pumpkin emoji. But I had to cover Jozea’s (mystery guy/boyfriend) super s*xy bum because of some obvious reasons.

This view though

Jeffree And Jozea  | New Couple Alert

Jozea Rose and Jeffree actually look amazing in this picture. Their posing game is super strong. But I am always going to have a soft spot for Nathan.

So our guy ‘Jozea Rose’ appeared on Big Brother 2018 and some other tv shows. And news flash “Jozea Is On OnlyFans’. He even shared a glimpse of his new video on Instagram. The house is definitely Jeffree’s but we don’t know if he is in Jozea’s new OnlyFans video or not.

Fans are literally dying to knows more about Jeffree and Jozea’s relationship. I guess we will just have to wait for a few more days and see if our Star Guy is going to spill some beans on this mystery guy in his weekly YouTube video.

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