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James Charles Supports Nikkietutorials Coming Out As Trans

James Charles Supports Nikkietutorials Coming Out As Trans

Our YouTubers on their support for NikkieTutorials

James Charles is a fellow make-up guru on YouTube and it is so refreshing to see him and other YouTubers put aside their personal drama and life aside for a bit to come together to support a fellow. James is not the only one supporting her right now.

jeffree star

Eugene Lee Yang, being the activist and LGBT advocate he is, also took to Twitter to Twitter to praise the gorgeous beauty on her bravery.


Lastly, our MUA, Manny MUA, also responded to Nikkie Tutorials.

This overwhelming response is such a positive influence on Nikkie. She is ever so grateful to all the responses to her coming out. In her very hyped Instagram story, here’s how she thanked everyone.

The incredible amount of love and support and warmth means so much to me, um, and I just thank you,

Thank you. I’m going to take today to just read everything, take it all in and process.

Directed to both, her friends, and fans.