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Jack Whitehall Meets Andy Murray On His Comedy Tour

Probably Andy Murray was growing a bit too concerned over Jack Whitehall doing his impressions. Perhaps so much that he had to actually attend his comedy tour in order to meet him and tell him to stop. The hilarious Whitehall posted a picture with the popular tennis player and shared his encounter.

Andy Murray Attends Jack Whitehall’s Event

Whitehall is a real fan of the tennis star Murray. But when he starts talking about his mum, that is where they draw the line. We may have said that a bit too seriously because that is not the case.

It was back in 2015 when Judy Murray appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. Back then the situation was more like ask your friend to stop drooling over your fit mum or something similar. Awkward as it may have been, Whitehall later said that Murray actually asked him to stop tweeting his mother. This happened when they were shooting a comedy clip for UNICEF. After the shooting Andy Murray pulled Jack Whitehall aside and asked him to quit it. The comedian later said that he respects his request, but there is nothing he can do if she is the one who tweets me. Ouch!

Jack Whitehall, Andy Murray

That was way back in 2015. But Whitehall is a fan of doing impressions of the tennis player. Maybe Andy has had enough of that so he came to his show to have a “talk with” him. Jack uploaded a picture with him on Instagram:

Looking all shaken and timid, it seems that Murray delivered a good talk and said all that he wanted was to make Jack stop doing impressions of him.

Jack is all goofy with one of the top 50 tennis players and he knows it as well. Watch out for the comedian’s comedy tour.