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James Charles Booty-Challenged Kylie Jenner

MUA James Charles is slowly becoming more of a style icon. Our sister frequently posts drop-dead gorgeous photos, wearing fabulous outfits, flaunting long hair, and the best poses. Charles’ posing game is pretty good. And we won’t be lying if I say we see some Kylie Jenner inspiration there too. Well, Charles just took to Instagram and booty-challenged the Kardashian queen. Let us show you how.

James Charles’s new photo on Instagram

So here’s what happened. James Charles posted a picture of himself on Instagram, and boy- he looked smoking!

Wearing a skin-colored nude and black fitted tee and bottoms, Charles is seen with his back towards the camera, doing a hair flip. His long jet-black hair and his seductive pout are also on point.

And James is posing so that the picture is… (for lack of better words) ‘bootylicious!’

Booty challenge to Kylie Jenner

It’s not just us who noticed it. James Charles himself knows his body is ‘bangin’ in this new photo. We think our pretty sister felt gutsy and fun because he directly wrote to Kylie Jenner in the caption.

He wrote, “2 can play at this game @kyliejenner.”

Whoa, *shots fired*.

So either James Charles completely went for a Kylie-inspired look and aced it. Or he later thought he looked as good as her.

In many ways, his body and pose are strikingly similar to Kylie Jenner here.

We love how James Charles wasn’t afraid to say it out loud. We love a sister who loves herself and is confident in her body. Let’s see if Kylie Jenner responds or acknowledges the post. This kind of friendly banter should be highly appreciated.

Fans loved it too

Some fans & influencers pointed out how he gives all those Kardashian vibes here. Brad Mondoy commented that “Kylie looks different these days.”

Some felt even more savage and said, ‘Kylie is shaking’ to express how amazing James looked.

Others were just in love with the entire look!

Well, James Charles indeed is a beauty, and we are loving all his new looks lately. Let’s see if Kylie Jenner gives him a reply back because this was most definitely a booty-challenge!