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James Charles Does Sing Off with TikTok Stars Lopez Brothers & Anthony Gargiula

James Charles Does Sing Off with TikTok Stars Lopez Brothers & Anthony Gargiula

Oh, Lord! I can finally pour out my feelings for these four Vanilla muffins, topped with double chocolate syrup and whipped cream. And maybe we can add some sugar sprinkles and glitter dust too. You guys will probably think that I have gone peanuts. You all will definitely go peanuts after watching this epic Sing-Off Battle of James Charles with his best friend Anthony Gargiula, Ondreaz, and Tony Lopez. And if you can’t go peanuts, then just go bananas.

Don’t you all think we need more influencers like James Charles in the beauty fraternity? He literally has my heart. The Lopez brothers are too adorable and have killer dance moves. And I am a huge fan of Anthony Gargiula. He has such a beautiful voice.

The sing-off consists of most popular 34 Songs on TikTok and James Charles’ amazing voice

This is literally the best Sing-Off of the year 2020. With 34 songs sung in James and Anthony’s amazing voice. I literally just can’t stop myself from singing alongside them. But I have to because of my very thin and shrill voice.

Anyways, the sing-off consists of 34 amazing TikTok songs which are choreographed by 17 amazing TikTok stars. I don’t even know how these guys come up with such amazing moves and variations almost every day. I mean for all those people out there who think making videos on TikTok is a piece of cake. Trust me, it’s super difficult. I once tried to do the ‘Say So’ challenge and I gave up after the 6th attempt. So these guys literally deserve a lot of appreciation.

And James Charles is literally a sweetheart. I love the way he sings in a very carefree way. He knows he has a good voice just like Nikita Dragun and Bretman Rock. But some of the fans out their destroy his confidence with hate comments every time he tries to sing. Can you all please be nice for once and appreciate my cool chica.

Oh, and this is the second YouTube sing-off between James and Anthony. He did the first sing-off with Anthony in 2018. And we already see him singing songs during his YouTube makeup videos.

The Lopez brothers show off their pro dance moves

A woman in her right mind and senses can never ignore these two sweethearts. Tony has my heart and Ondreaz has my mind. They come up with amazing dance moves. And win the hearts of their tons of fans.

Damn! Look at these boys. I just can’t take my eyes off them.

@tonylopez@ondreazlopez♬ PAM – Justin Quiles & Daddy Yankee & El Alfa

Let’s just jump back to the sing-off video. I just love the way Tony makes fun of James’ body roll. And how Ondreaz copies James’ style when the video was about to end. I can’t stop laughing. My stomach is literally hurting. Ondreaz did the same kind of thing in Nikita’s recent YouTube video where both the Lopez brothers did her makeup.

Lopez brothers are really fun to be around. They are even wearing Sisters hoodies which are currently out of stock. I want to get one for myself but they are all sold out. Isn’t James one of the sweetest because he really loves his friends.

James Charles doesn’t address ongoing beauty drama in this video

Well! I guess that’s what smart people do. They don’t jump into the muddy puddle when they see it. They act smart. And try to remain clean because they are actually very clean. But there are a lot of people out there who force these super nice people to be a part of something ugly and messy.

James thanked all of his fans, family, and friends for being there for him in the hard times. And for showering him with lots and lots of love. I cannot even imagine all the things he went through in the last year.

Let’s just pray that all of this drama settles down soon.