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Nessa Barrett is still MIA after TikTok drama, not joining Hype House though

New day, new world. And apparently TikTokers are taking a break from the internet for now. Fans who follow Hype House and Sway House, were suddenly struck with headache when they had to keep up with the drama. It all started because of Nessa Barrett visiting the Hype House, after breaking up with Josh Richards. Not to forget, they faced the Chase Hudson drama a few months back when he tried hitting on Nessa while she was still in a relationship with Josh. And Chase was still in a relationship with Charli D’Amelio. Seeing Nessa in Thomas’s latest vlog was really troubling for Josh. And when Thomas asked his fans to vote if they want Nessa in the Hype House, it made the matters worse. Thumbnail ruined everything because it had Nessa with Chase. After all of this drama, Nessa is still silent.

Where is Nessa Barrett?

Sway House visited the Hype House and confronted Chase Hudson. There is still a chance for the diss-track, Still Softish, part 2 coming to YouTube soon. Even though Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were there, Josh Richards was nowhere to be seen. Later, he tweeted that he had an important dinner and meeting to attend, and by the time he got free, the drama had already happened.

Josh Richards

Josh’s tweet shows he still wanted to contribute to the whole scenario, and not to stay silent. However, his ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, is still silent. In fact, she is missing-in-action. Even the TikTok room is wondering, where is Nessa Barrett?

Joining Hype House?

Even though Nessa Barrett has not come forward with her statement yet, Thomas Petrou has posted an update in his latest vlog titled Nevermind. He did not address the wole situation, and said it’s not his story to tell. However, he did confirm that his last video, that had Nessa in it, got 25k comments. And most of these comments voted for Nessa to be a part of the Hype House. However, Thomas confirmed that it’s not happening. And it cannot happen after the whole TikTokers drama.

Thomas Petrou further confirmed that he won’t be admitting any more TikTokers in the Hype House now. He says he misses the original Hype House team, so he just wants to focus on whoever is a part of the house right now.

Trying to add people has just been a mess.

There you go. There won’t be more drama, at least for now. Everyone would be focusing on their content for now. However, that does not mean people would get over whatever happened, that easily. It’s going to take some time to digest the whole situation.

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