James Charles Says He Apologized To Ariana Grande In His Recent Video, But Had To Remove It

James Charles says he apologized to Ariana Grande in his recent video, but had to remove it

According to James Charles, he did apologize to Ariana Grande but had to delete the video. Previously, he called her the rudest celebrity.

It seems James Charles is still in hot water and will not be coming out soon. Recently, he claimed that he apologized to Ariana Grande in a video but had to remove it. In 2018, he labeled the singer one of the rudest celebrities he met. According to him, she unfollowed him after her fans criticized Grande. However, Charles has termed it the biggest regret of his life and claims to apologize.


In 2018, James Charles called Ariana Grande the rudest celebrity he had ever met

James Charles said a controversial thing during a collaborative video with fellow YouTubers Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams. While filming, the two YouTubers did his makeup. At the same time, they talked about various things. At one point, Dawson asked James Charles if he had met a celebrity who was rude. Without thinking twice, he named Ariana Grande. After he attended her concert and posted videos of it, she DMed him and thanked him for coming. At the same time, she followed him on social media. However, she unfollowed him shortly after. According to Charles:

“I messaged her back and I was like, ‘hey, did I do something wrong?’ And she literally was like, ‘Hey babe, I saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans and I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed.’”

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A few months back, he acknowledged that calling Ariana Grande rude was his biggest regret

During a Q&A session on Instagram, people asked James Charles to address many issues. From SA accusations to grooming claims by multiple boys, people wanted to know all. Similarly, one person brought up the controversy with Ariana Grande. A fan asked:

“What did Ariana Grande do for you to say she’s the rudest celebrity you have ever met?”

To which James Charles said:

“Literally nothing. The fact that I said that is one of my biggest regrets of my career & it still follows me four years later which sucks. I plan on talking about it in more depth when I film my review of REM. All I can hope is that people will listen with an open mind.”

For those who don’t know, Grande is launched her own makeup line, REM which came out last week.

Recently, James Charles claimed that he did in fact apologized to Grande but deleted the video

After Grande’s makeup line, REM Beauty came out, many wanted to know if James Charles was on her PR list. One Twitter user addressed the YouTuber and said that it might be bitter for him as she did not include him on the PR list. In response to this, James Charles said:

I filmed an intro talking about the drama from 4 years ago, apologized for being a dramatic teen who got upset over someone they loved unfollowing them & explained that we talked, are good, & moved on but I Scissors it because I knew no matter what I said this would be the response lol

Despite his claim, people do not believe James Charles and want him to show proof. On the other hand, people think the apology is only because Ariana Grande launched her makeup line. Since his controversies came to light, people have found it hard to trust his words. I wonder how long would it last.

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