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Inanna Sarkis is having a giveaway for a Villa

YouTubers have their way of staying relevant. Be it Miranda Sings becoming a mom or PewDiePie reverting back to his Minecraft videos. Well, we have a good one for you today. YouTuber Inanna Sarkis is an online influencer with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 10 million followers on Instagram. It is only understood that she knows how to keep her followers happy given her most recent post.

What the Inanna Sarkis Giveaway Offers

Inanna is doing the giveaway in association with Viridian Experience. The firm specializes in offering vacation homes for rent in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and California. You can check out the Viridian Experience to get an idea of the kind of trips they offer.

The Giveaway includes a 5 day trip to a beautiful 5 bedroom Villa. The location? Playa Gigante Nicaragua. The beautiful and exotic place on the coast of Nicaragua. The Island is right next to Costa Rica. Amazing Location. The Villa is quite near to the beach and apparently there’s a lot to look forward to on the trip.

Though neither one of the giveaway patrons, Innana Sarkis and Matthew Noszka, have posted detailed images or trips plans, we know there’s something great to look forward to.

Here’s a pointer though, the tickets to and from the destination are not included.

How you can be a part of the Giveaway

So, you must be wondering, this is a huge giveaway! There’s really no hard and fast rules though, surprisingly. Inanna and Matthew were very precise in the instructions for the giveaway. Here are Inanna’s instructions.

All you have to do is FOLLOW me & @viridian_experience, SUBSCRIBE to their website, SHARE this post & TAG 3 friends you’d want to go with to the comments below!

You can also go the other way and follow Matthew Noszka on his Instagram account.

So, are you ready for this? The giveaway ends on 8th January. So go apply fast!