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Colleen Ballinger Is Pregnant

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Famous YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, also popular as Miranda Sings has announced her pregnancy. Her fan following on YouTube has been pretty impressive, making her come into the list of top ten highest earners at YouTube. Colleen Ballinger, who created the character of Miranda Sings has done various musical and theater performances while posting exaggerated and silly videos online. But undoubtedly, people love her.

Pregnancy Announcement

Recently, Colleen Ballinger posted her pregnancy announcement on her channel. She was already three months pregnant when she decided to get her fans in on the news. Colleen shared that she wanted to be like Kylie Jenner for a while. By that, she meant someone who keeps her pregnancy private for herself and her boyfriend. But just three months into it, Colleen Ballinger realized that her baby bump was now evident in her videos and public appearances. Hiding it was not a practically possible option which is why she expressed extreme joy in letting her fans know.

In the video that Colleen Ballinger shared on her channel, she shared her moments when she first took the pregnancy test. Naturally, Colleen was super emotional throughout, getting tears every time she realized she was carrying a baby. In her video, she also shared whatever she felt during these few months, and whatever pregnancy moments she experienced. Now that the world knows about her baby, Colleen Ballinger has started posting pictures with her evident baby bump.

There’s a little human in there! ?

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Colleen Ballinger Shares Details About Her Partner and Baby Daddy Erik Stocklin

While the video was full of emotions, family, and friends reacting to the news, it also showed Colleen talking about Erik. Colleen Ballinger also shared that she was engaged to Erik Stocklin. She had kept her relationship private previously, so both the news together was a bit of a surprise for the fans. But Colleen also told everyone why she had been keeping her personal life private lately. She said:

Erik is not an Internet person. He’s so shy and sweet, and social media and the Internet are not really his thing.

Being a popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger was always sharing her private life with her followers. There was little that the girl kept to herself. But now that she is in a serious relationship with somebody who is just not in favor of posting everything online, things are surely changing. Erik would not want details of their private life known to hundreds of people. Colleen has no option but to respect his choice and privacy. Mostly, celebrities and especially social media stars agree to the idea that there is little privacy in their lives. And that almost everything that happens with them gets published online. But this can sometimes backfire and give them unwanted attention and coverage by invasive media companies.

Colleen does not have anything to worry about though. Even though everybody is shocked, people are absolutely thrilled for her. She still has the support of all her fans, friends and family as she takes on the pregnancy journey.

Colleen Ballinger is very excited to be a mother. Her baby is expected on New Years, but she hopes it would rather come this year. Let’s see what happens!

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