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Lili Reinhart Reveals her Favorite 2019 Movies

Lili Reinhart Favorite Movies 2019

So, here are the plots to Lili Reinhart’s 2019 favorite movies

Five feet apart


Gotham City fails to accept comedian Arthur Fleck for his true talent. The man, after losing all hope, turns his thrift for making people laugh into becoming a criminal mastermind – The Joker. The role of the Joker is brilliantly executed by Joaquin Phoenix. The concept is mesmerizing and it’s an amazing depiction of “the other side of the story”.


Here’s an interesting take- This movie is Korean! The movie is a comedy-thriller and we believe Lili would’ve watched it in Dub or with subtitles. Also, the concept seems pretty complex and much needed – The effect of Greed and Class Discrimination on people’s lives.

Book Smart


Funnily enough, Lili Reinhart forgot to add a movie in which she starred in herself!

lili reinhart hustlers favorite movie Lili Reinhart

Hustlers is about former strip club employees who try to take revenge from their Wall Street clientele.

Reinhart stars in the movie alongside Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Lizzo and Cardi B. The movie follows theme of women empowerment.

So, Do you and Lili have any favorite movies in common? Do let us know in the comments below.