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Hila Klein announces she's pregnant on the live H3 podcast!

Hila Klein announces she’s pregnant on the live H3 podcast!

Hila Klein surprised her husband by announcing that she is pregnant on the live H3 podcast. Hila Klein is the wife of Ethan Klein. The duo are owners of Teddy Fresh and co-hosts of their H3H3 podcast. Ethan and Hila met in 2007 and got married in 2012. They also have a son together whose name is Theodore. Hila announced that they are expecting a baby on the live H3 After Dark podcast. At the end of the podcast, Hila suddenly gasped and Ethan was in shock. She then read the results from her doctor and said:

I texted the doctor saying I did the blood test, she said I got 392, I do not know what that means. But she said that I am super pregnant.

And then Ethan shouted in excitement:


The couple was super excited upon hearing this news and then they proceeded to hug as everyone in the studio cheered.

What are the fans’ reaction to Hila Klein’s news?

Fans of Ethan and Hila are super excited as they know that the couple has been trying to have a baby for quite some time. In February 2021, Ethan and Hila also discussed on the podcast how they have been trying to have a baby. It was quite a sad episode as Ethan went into details and said that they could not procreate naturally. The famous YouTube sensation Ethan also told people that they had to go for IVF treatment early this year. And now finally their efforts have been successful. So, people are so excited for the pregnant couple!

Ethan Klein also posted a picture of him and Hila Klein on his Twitter which was captioned “WE ARE PREGNANT” and fans went crazy over it. Trisha Paytas also congratulated the couple on Twitter to which Hila replied “Thank you Trish Auntie”. Trisha Paytas happens to be the fiancée of Hila Klein’s brother, Moses Hacman. Paytas is also the co-host of Frenemies Podcast with Ethan Klein.

People spammed Ethan’s mentions when he posted a picture with Hila. Everybody expressed their joy for the couple. Some of the fans even tried to make some funny jokes on the situation as well saying “Congrats on the s*x Ethan”.

All in all, it was a pretty joyous occasion!

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