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Gabbie Hanna Released New Music Video ‘Butterflies’

Gabbie Hanna has been venturing into the music world for quite a while now. Along with a successful YouTube career, she is consistently working on new music. Recently, she released her new music video Butterflies. An interesting fact about this song is that her fans actually contributed to its lyrics.

Gabbie Hanna stated that:

“I also write a lot of songs on my own, and bring completed songs in for production, but this is an example of co-write”

Message Behind Gabbie Hanna’s Butterflies

As she let her fans decide the genre of the song, Gabbie Hanna came to an interesting conclusion. Some of her fans wanted an upbeat song while others wanted a sad song. So, being the creative genius she is, Gabbie combined the two genres to create the emotionally sad yet upbeat song. The lyrics were of a sorrowful subject even though the tunes seemed happy.

Told me you’d never been in love
Thought that I could be the exception
It was too much to ask of you
I guess I learned my lesson
I’m bracin’ for impact, leave my heart intact
I wish you never came around
New situation with low expectations
You still manage to let me down

Butterflies is ultimately about heartbreak. The singer created a song that talks about how we can be so drawn to someone who we know will break our heart. That’s the thing about feelings, we aren’t really in control of them. Hence, Butterflies by Gabbie Hanna resonated with a lot of us out there.

With perfect visual aesthetics, Gabbie even demonstrated how the heartbreak felt like. Everything seemed fine on the outside, but inside she was breaking apart. Her heart was bleeding, as showcased by her stabbing the heart shaped balloons which spill out blood. The interesting thing to note in the entire music video was that she was smiling throughout. This may indicate a state we feel when we are forced to wear a smile on our faces even though we aren’t feeling so joyous inside.

Gabbie recently posted on Instagram that she’ll be releasing another “Karaoke version” of Butterflies if she gets a certain number of likes and comments.

Butterflies Music Video

Check out the music video below if you haven’t already:

Gabbie Hanna, Butterflies

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