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Gabbie Hanna finally addresses Jessi Smiles, Alx James & Trisha Paytas feuds & Beyonce racism

Oh boy, we did not think this day will come. But it did, and some fans believe it has a lot to do with Gabbie Hanna’s latest music release: Bad Karma. While Gabbie has given a hint of “skeletons in the closet” in her Bad Karma song, she released a separate vlog as well. Whether it was a promotional tactic or not, we cannot say. However, no one can deny the perfect timings. Gabbie has had multiple feuds during 2019, specifically with her ex-friends Jessi Smiles & Alx James as well as the infamous Trisha Paytas. (For the detailed history of feuds, please check the related articles).

Gabbie Hanna & Bad Karma

It’s not just a song with good lyrics and catchy beats, Gabbie Hanna was planning an intro (or an outro depending on the song release time in your country) for her feud-addressing vlog. And since her vlog is addressing Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas and Alx James, it seems like she is taking one heck of a jab at all of them with these lyrics:

I recognize what you’re doin’
Wasn’t long ago that I was just like you
Did a little self-improvement
But it seems you’re still rotten to your roots.

However, in the vlog description, Gabbie has said this has nothing to do with her EP release.

Jessi Smiles & Gabbie Hanna

It all started with Gabbie Hanna & Trisha Paytas feud, when Jessi Smiles couldn’t stay silent and she had to address her falling out with Gabbie. Jessi took Trisha’s side and explained her issue with Gabbie Hanna in detail in a video.

The feud got messy when Gabbie responded to Jessi’s video, and fans still cancelled her. Major reason included some deleted tweets that raise a red flag on why those tweets were deleted. Was Gabbie trying to hide receipts? Was it something related to Curtis Lepore, the guy behind Jessi Smiles’ sexual assault?

The issued died out after some time, however, it was recently addressed briefly when Jessi Smiles did a Q&A vlog on her YouTube channel. In response to a question; Did Gabbie ever apologize/what was the conclusion that came out of your video?, Jessi said she’d be addressing this issue for the last time:

No, she didn’t reach out to me. We’ve not spoken at all since my video. We have not made any contact and I did not expect that at all from her. Like, I did not expect her to respond to me privately, especially because I made it public. I came out publicly. So, I did not expect like a private anything, no private conversation. Whatever!

Jessi Smiles further added that she does not regret posting that video. That was the conclusion for her. She has had the worst anxiety of her life the week when she posted that video. Jessi also confirmed that her video was not for clout, she had reached her boiling point and she just felt to stand up for herself. Privately sorting the issue did not help, so she had to go public.

Gabbie Hanna responds to Jessi Smiles Q&A

In a 45 minutes vlog of addressing all the issues, Gabbie Hanna chose to discuss Jessi Smiles first. Gabbie said she respects that when someone wants to stand up for themselves, they really should. However, she does not like private issues being discussed publicly. The cancel culture is getting out of hands, and almost every other day someone is being cancelled.

While shading Jessi Smiles for her videos on the whole feud, Gabbie says people should not be discussing their issues with every other person.

You can talk to them directly, you can get a mediator or a counselor involved. Or, you can just move on and not have that person a part of your life anymore.

Gabbie Hanna further addressed how everyone is being the same in real life as well. It’s not just celebrities and influencers, almost every other person is using the same tactics to expose their friends. In fact, Gabbie also answered the “Question” that Jessi answered in her latest vlog. She said she just issued the public apology, and she did not reach out to her privately. She mentioned she tried contacting her, however, her message never went through because it turned out Jessi had Gabbie’s number blocked.

In short, Gabbie Hanna confirmed she never collaborated with Jessi Smiles’ rapist Curtis Lepore. She would never choose him over her and she’d never collab with him. As per Gabbie’s video and receipts, Curtis Lepore played her to make her look bad. And he used her tweets and random pictures to prove she’s friends with him.

Jessi Smiles responds back

After watching the whole video, and probably Bad Karma song as well, Jessi Smiles issued a simple statement to close down the issue:

Addressing Trisha Paytas…

Jessi Smiles & Gabbie Hanna issued resurfaced when Gabbie was going through a very public feud with Trisha Paytas, while defending Gabi DeMartino. People thought that Trisha really went through with the restraining order, and that might have led Gabbie to stay quite on the whole issue. However, now Gabbie has confirmed that there was never a restraining order or a gag order.

Gabbie says she snapped at that time because Gabi called her crying, and she got worried for her friend. While Trisha said Gabbie harassed her and begged her to invite Gabbie to her party, she said she never begged. In fact, Trisha invited her on her own.

Gabbie shared some receipts, screenshots of all the times she sent DMs to Trisha Paytas on her Instagram, offering her a place to stay and have some fun after her breakup. More screenshots are also included in the video, for every time Gabbie commented on Trisha’s IG stories, and she never got an acknowledgment back.

But there was a time when Trisha Paytas was singing Gabbie Hanna’s butterflies, and she responded by asking Trisha to let her write a song for her. The two bonded in the DMs then, as per the receipts shared by Gabbie.

Talking Trisha & Herpes rumor…

Gabbie Hanna further confirmed that it was David Dobrik and Jason Nash in her apartment, when Jason confessed he had slept with Trisha. Gabbie was not in contact with Trisha at that moment, saying Trish stopped texting her back. So, she just asked Jason to get himself tested and talk to Trisha Paytas about the “herpes” rumor that a friend of hers told Gabbie about.

Gabbie said Jason & David can confirm the story. (but we know that’s not going to happen, they never address anything Trisha related). She said she was not trying to start a mean girl rumor. Gabbie just wanted to look out for her friend, and all she did was to ask Jason to talk to Trisha about it.

After all that have been done in the past, Gabbie Hanna says she is still there for Trisha Paytas. She is sorry that she has hurt Trisha, she wants her to be happy.

Gabbie Hanna & Alx James

While addressing the Alx James scandal, Gabbie Hanna confessed that she made a blunder when she referred to Alx as a friend who helped her with the “move”. She says she should have known better that her vlog with Alx James, explaining the whole moving story, was still on YouTube so people would connect the dots easily and figure out it was him.

So, she tried contacting him to apologize, but Alx James said he was “sleeping”, and also that he was not “Alex” and Gabbie has the wrong number. 2 days later, he released the video on Gabbie Hanna and how he was waiting for an apology.

As per Gabbie, Alx James blamed her for a “prank call” that haunted him. Meanwhile, he himself pulled a prank on her that scared Gabbie enough to call a priest, her family, her therapist while suffering from insomnia staying at a hotel.

2 years after that incident, she contacted him again and he confirmed that yes it was him pranking her. However, we are still unsure about Gabbie’s calls & prank on Alx James though.

Anyways, Gabbie says she does not block anyone, so Alx, and others, can reach out to her. (But then, she herself as confirmed during the video that she has changed her number).

About Beyonce & Racism

Throughout the video, Gabbie Hanna kept emphasizing on the point that she has moved on from her past. She has made some mistakes and she is not the same person anymore. That’s why she has also deleted many tweets from her past that could have caused issues now. However, one particular tweet that is still on her account is about Beyonce:

Gabbie confirms that this tweet has resurfaced lately and people are calling it racism. However, she has clarified that she was not trying to compare people of color with the likes of an animal. What she meant with this tweet was: euphemism “you’re an animal”. As per her explanation and a screenshot from the internet, the term holds a positive message and it describes how awesome your friend is.

She says she has always loved Beyonce, and she always wanted to be her. Gabbie Hanna says she is going to delete this tweet now, after explaining her side of the story. And she’ll be more careful with her words now.

Meanwhile, Alx James has responded to the Gabbie Hanna video. And there’s going to be a whole separate article on it.

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