Frozone's Wife Finally Revealed in Leaked Scene

Frozone’s Wife Finally Revealed in Leaked Scene

There is a leaked scene from The Incredibles 2 and it featured Honey- the wife of Frozone but apparently, it was deleted before we got to witness it.

So far, we have had two Incredibles movies. But did you ever wonder why Honey-the wife of Frozone never appeared? Well, a lot of people certainly did. We have previously heard her in an iconic scene and it was the right time for us to see her. But thanks to the debut of a previously deleted but newly leaked scene from The Incredibles 2,  we got to see the wife of Frozone for the first time! For whatever the unknown reasons might be, this leaked scene featuring Honey was cut out from The Incredibles 2. But it is included in The Incredibles 2 home release which comes out on October 23rd.

Who Is This Wife Of Frozone?

Honey played by Kimberley Adair Clark is the heard but never seen wife of the ice-slinging superhero Frozone. We first heard her in the first movie in 2004. And it was much of an iconic scene as Frozone calls out for his super suit.

From what the writer and director Brad Bird has shared, they thought it would be fun to introduce Honey. Giving away more details, he said that,

You see someone reacting to something outside, and the first thing that she does, is she presses a remote and the wall turns around, and everyone will go, ‘Oh! This is Frozone’s apartment, that must be Honey!’

But Brad Bird added that they stayed away from the big action screen for too long. And that they were killing the momentum they gained by having that scene. Further, they decided to get the whole being off-camera thing in as part of the joke. And now, the wife of Frozone could be anything that anybody imagines her to be.

Whatever the explanations might be, we are still glad that this leaked scene from The Incredibles 2 came out. And even in this rough form, it’s still probably something everyone will enjoy. But this is not the only deleted scene from The Incredibles 2. You can check the entire list and watch them out here.

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