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Fans React To The Weeknd’s Insomnia

The Weeknd is not dropping the damn album. If you came here in hopes of finding an update for his album, sorry! we don’t have any. However, we do have an update (kind…of) on The Weeknd’s activities these days. He is, apparently, still working on the Album. Like always, The Weeknd dropped two tweets today. In fact, he is doing this for the last few weeks. He stays all silent for a few days and then suddenly drops two tweets in a single day. Well, it is becoming his thing now. Who knows he might drop two singles in a day someday? Anyways, today marks the day when The Weeknd confirmed he is listening back (music) for notes. (Congrats). And he also confirmed he is fighting insomnia by smoking something which resembles like a………….candle ? Wait, what??

Fans Reaction To The Weeknd’s Insomnia

The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, has been working so hard on the album he is currently facing insomnia. Okay, so when it comes to insomnia, we have two kinds of people. One, who become hyperactive when insomniac. Whereas; the other kind, which becomes lazy AF because, well, sleep-deprived. We do not know which type is The Weeknd. However, fans are reacting to his insomniac update. They are, in fact, fighting his insomnia with their own.

And I’m fighting the desperation for the album man.

Well, Everyone is fighting the desperation buddy.

im BEGGING you to shave that stache.

O_O Ah, that’s not related to the album or insomnia.

Yeah this album is about to slap.

Yeah, about to slap the reality that we are not getting that album in 2019.

Even DOM is checking the fans’ reactions.

I have an idea…. How about you release that damn album if you can’t sleep…

That’s what he is trying to do. Let the guy do his thing.