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The Weeknd Hints Album Release In His Latest Tweet?

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The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, knows how to stay on top of the Trending tree. His fans are writhing in agony, waiting for his album release. However, Abel has been staying hush-hush about it. When the fans started to get on his nerves, he deactivated his Instagram account. But that did not stop his fans though. They have been stalking his Twitter profile, refreshing the page repetitively in hopes of a tweet, news, anything from him. Well! all they got was a new look from The Weeknd. And Woah! that did give a new topic for discussion to his fans. Surprisingly, he is kind-of active on his Twitter handle lately, considering he used to post after ages on it back in the days. In fact, his latest tweet has confused me so much I am literally wondering if that’s a hint for his album release date.

Dissecting The Weeknd’s Latest Tweet

Okay, so maybe I am being paranoid. But I guess I am not alone in this. The Weeknd just posted this on his Twitter.

el fin de semana.

Now, that may look like 4 words but it actually is Spanish for the weekend. Is Abel trolling us? (Why would you do that? ). El Fin De Semana means weekend, Abel Tesfaye means The Weeknd, if a=b, b=c then c=a? (Trust me I am not high).  He has not just posted the Spanish version of his name, he has also posted a cute little emoji of a Lab Scientist with it. The Weeknd is cooking something, hopefully, music, in his lab. And there are chances he is finally dropping his album this coming weekend. Like, probably on September 14 or September 15. It is either that or he is announcing something new (and unexpected) coming weekend. I don’t know if there are any other options here. What do you guys think of his post? Comment and let us know.


Oh, as a matter of fact, I am back to wondering if The Weeknd is really trolling the trolls. Since they started comparing his new look with Bruno Mars, he may have translated his name to the Spanish just for fun. Mmm….Album? Please?

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