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Was Joker’s Mother Really Delusional Or Is Joker [Spoiler]’s Son?

The most-awaited movie of the year 2019, Joker, is finally released. And we have to admit, we could not have been happier. It’s time you avoid your Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp stories if you want to stay away from spoilers. Honestly, stay away and you can thank me later. Watch the movie first and do not read reviews before watching the movie. Coming back to the topic, there were many things circulating in my head after watching Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. However, this particular angle which defines him as Thomas Wayne’s possible son was pretty different and interesting. The question is, was Joker’s mother really delusional or is Arthur (Joker) really Thomas Wayne’s son?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is Bruce Wayne’s Half-Brother?

It is really shocking. Perhaps, more shocking than finding out that Daenerys Targaryen was Jon Snow’s aunt. In the first half of the movie, we see Joaquin Phoenix’s character Arthur Fleck discover a letter by his mother addressed to Thomas Wayne. Arthur reads the letter and figures out that he is, in fact, Thomas Wayne’s son. The more he tries to find the truth, the more heart-breaking it turns out to be. Apparently, his mother was delusional and she adopted Arthur as a kid. In fact, she never took care of him like a true mother. Even after confrontation, Thomas Wayne also claims that Arthur’s mother is delusional and Arthur is not his child.

So, the surprise element of Batman and Joker being half-brothers died with Thomas Wayne’s punch in the Joker’s face. Arthur (Joker) also finds the adoption papers in the snatched file from Arkham Hospital. Following this, he also discovers that he is delusional just like his mother.

Was Arthur’s Mother Really Delusional?

She was delusional to some extent. Imagine Arthur’s life if he really was Thomas Wayne’s son and Bruce Wayne’s elder half-brother. Arthur (Joker) living with the future mayor of Gotham City, in fact, everything would have been perfect for him. However, in reality, he was just an ordinary person living with an ill mother. The issue is, Joker’s mother might not be wrong when it came to Thomas Wayne. If you were looking closely, Joker was holding an old picture of his mother with a romantic “caption” from a TW person, possibly Thomas Wayne. Arthur’s mother Penny claimed she was sent away from Wayne’s residence (or shall we say palace) to prevent a scandal.

That picture holds a huge truth. Penny and Thomas Wayne were really in a relationship. Probably that is what led to Penny’s mental illness. Since Thomas Wayne was a very wealthy person, he could easily bribe the hospital using his power and money to prepare fake adoption papers of Joker. We believe, Thomas Wayne really covered up his illegitimate kid using his sources. It is better than imagining the other possibility. A possibility with Joker living a delusional life and imagining the romantic inscription behind his mother’s picture. Well, the movie is raising many theories. We’ll keep dropping more soon.