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Ethan Klein roasts James Charles on his social media return

Ethan Klein roasts James Charles on his social media return

Some of you might know about James Charles and the series of controversies he found himself in. James took a social media break after allegations against him of s*xting with minors went public. But, his hiatus didn’t last long as he is back on YouTube and other social media platforms now. However, H3H3’s Ethan Klein is not happy with James’ return. And so, Ethan called out the beauty mogul in a recent podcast.

Let’s start with the James Charles controversy. It all started when grooming allegations against James came out. Charles was accused of s*xting with minors on social media. As a result, James posted an apology video soon after the allegations came out. In the video, he said that he was not aware of the fact that the people he was talking to were minors. And after that apology, James went on a social media hiatus but returned to Instagram to post on his birthday.

After this, the social media influencer went on a break once again but not long after that, he has returned again. A few weeks ago, James officially returned to YouTube. But, his viewers were not happy about this. James posted on YouTube a video where he explained what really happened, deleting his previous apology video and backtracking from all the responsibility. The title of the video was ‘An Open Conversation’ which was posted on July 2.

Many people called out James Charles for returning to social media considering the severity of the allegations. Trisha Paytas was also one of the people who were against James’ comeback, saying he should be in jail for what he has done. And now, their former Frenemies podcast host Ethan Klein has spoken up about the James Charles and his return too.

Ethan Klein called out James Charles on his Social Media Return!

Ethan Klein roasts James Charles on his social media return

Ethan has been very vocal about the allegations against James from the beginning and looks like he is not very happy with James’ return either. Anyway, James recently posted a picture of himself on Instagram which he captioned ‘game over’. Ethan Klein posted the same picture on his Twitter and tweeted:

James Charles is repairing his image of being a predator of young boys by hanging out in an arcade where young boys frequent with his fly down.

People had mixed reactions to Ethan’s tweet. Many people agreed with Ethan’s comments, but many were mad at him as well.


Some of them are willing to believe some of what James Charles has to say and believe that he should return to normalcy. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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