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Ethan Klein & Keemstar call out James Charles after his grooming allegations

Ethan Klein & Keemstar call out James Charles after his grooming allegations

James Charles is recently involved in a controversial scandal yet again. This one is similar to 2016 when Tati Westbrook came out with allegations against him, stating that he takes advantage of straight men against their permission. Although James cleared his name in that scandal, the recent case is slightly different. Now, an individual on TikTok, by the username Redzai (real name Isaiyah), claims that James Charles groomed him and made him uncomfortable with his conversations. Ethan Klein and Keemstar shared their thoughts on the matter.

What is happening with the James Charles scandal?

Redzai claims that he had an interaction with James Charles online that resulted in him getting uncomfortable. He shared two videos on TikTok, one of which was removed. In the videos, the TikToker recalls the entire incident that happened between him and James Charles.

As per Redzai, James had added Redzai on Snapchat after Redzai had sent him a Snap. Redzai shared that it was just him snapping with his favorite influencer. When Redzai shared a Snap where he was in a bathroom, James Charles allegedly started making the conversation very sexual.

The TikToker states that James shared explicit pictures of himself and kept asking for similar images in return. Redzai shares that he kept getting uncomfortable with where the conversation was headed, so he told James Charles his age, i.e., 16.

Redzai alleges that James Charles kept asking for more explicit images despite knowing the actual age and that Redzai was uncomfortable.

The text on TikTok also reads:

He was pleasuring himself the whole time and wanted n*de pictures of my body for his pleasure.

Redzai also shared evidence that the inappropriate conversations took place by sharing pictures he took:

The text reads:

Send me a vid where u like put ur phone down in the shower and record hands free u flexing and showing off ur muscles and hair here

In another Snap, James Charles gets more explicit:

James Charles denied all grooming allegations

The Instant Influencer creator denied all the allegations against him. Charles did admit to having explicit conversations with a guy who happened to be a fan. James shares that he first asked the guy’s age and was told it was 18. James suspected that the guy might be lying about his age and confirmed his suspicion when he learned that the person he was interacting with was actually 16.

When James learns the truth about the age, he says he apologized for the flirting and ended things with him. James claims he got very uncomfortable interacting with the underage individual.

In James Charles’ side of the story, he claims that the person he was talking to kept insisting that they continue talking together and it could be their ‘little secret.’ However, Redzai claims that was not the case.

The YouTuber also said he would ask for proof and evidence of someone’s age before conversing with them.

Keemstar is pointing out how James Charles’s actions can be considered crimes.

Keemstar is calling out James Charles on this incident. He is pointing out the fact that a similar incident happened last year in July when a 14-year-old TikToker, Ethan Andrew, made the exact same accusations against James Charles.

Keemstar emphasizes that James Charles admitted to having inappropriate conversations with minors. He is pointing out that it doesn’t matter if they lied about their ages. It is still an alleged crime by James Charles.

In another video, Keemstar shares that he talked to his lawyer to confirm a few things. And he shared that it is, in fact, a crime to share explicit images of yourself with a minor by State Laws and Federal Law. Even if the minor was lying about their age:

Meanwhile, Ethan Klein is angry at Charles for his actions

Ethan Klein and James have feuded multiple times in the past over their merch companies. But this time, Klein calls out Charles for his alleged predatory behavior.

He retweeted James Charles’ statement about the issue and added his own opinion:

Admitting to committing a crime exchanging n*des with a 16 year old STOP GIVING A PASS TO THIS PREDATOR
Ethan Klein Responds James Charles Allegation

In another tweet, Ethan Klein also shared how he was frustrated with influencers abusing their power:

So can creators and celebrities stop se*ually assaulting people what the f*ck is going on it’s every god damn day some new horrific thing is uncovered
That’s the story for now. We will update you on any more information as soon as it comes out.

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