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Ethan Dolan Hand-Feeding Twin Grayson Dolan Went Viral

Ethan Dolan’s act of hand-feeding his brother Grayson Dolan gets viral on Social Media. The entertaining duo is always ready to surprise their youtube fans and this time Ethan took all praise for hand-feeding his twin bro Grayson while Grayson was waiting for his Tattoo appointment.

Ethan Dolan Hand-Feeding Grayson Became An Iconic Instagram Image

As a matter of fact, these twin brothers gained extraordinary attention via their gut-busting videos on Youtube. This has gained them a lot of recognition at the channel and consequently, AwesomenessTV signed the celebrity siblings for their network in 2015. Moreover, Dolans won the 2016 Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male and Choice YouTuber.

This time the Instagram has showcased an adorable feature of true brother’s love as Ethan has shared an image where he is hand-feeding his brother with all care. Grayson and Ethan were at a Tattoo studio and it is visible that Grayson Dolan is waiting for long for his turn.

Dolan Twins And Tattoos

Both the Dolan twins, in fact, are tattoo freaks. In their YouTube videos, “What Our Tattoos Mean” and “What Our Tattoos Mean 2,” they explained the real meaning of each of their tattoos. They both, in fact, got a Sagittarius tattoo reflecting their zodiac sign.

The Long Valley Twins are pretty fresh on the web. They started at Vine in 2013 and later took YouTube as their platform. The witty boys soon amassed over 10 million subscribers. There was a time around in 2018 when Dolan twins left Youtube for some creative work. The Youtubers announced their hiatus through a video titled “Bye For Now”.

Ethan  And Grayson Dolan In A Fragrant Job

According to them, the videos that they were making are not satisfying their quality, so they decided to take a  break. The brothers, however, are back on the channel in the same year. They, in fact, returned with a video “We’re Back!”  in May 2018.

While on their hiatus, the two youtube stars explored the beauty business and launched the fragrance brand Wakeheart in 2019. The Dolan Twins shared about their new scent company, Wakeheart, on Friday (January 24).

In January of 2019, their father, Sean Dolan, passed away at 50 years old fighting with cancer. The twins had posted about their father’s illness on YouTube in 2016.

Emma Chamberlain Dates Ethan Dolan?

The popular Emma Chamberlain is another big name in the world of YouTube. She, in fact, became an internet sensation at the tender age of 18 with countless followers. Similar to Ethan Dolan, Emma released her own line of luxury coffee. She is also on the Cosmopolitan Feb. 2020 cover. It is, perhaps, true that she was dating Ethan Dolan, as, fans have spotted many proofs regarding this impulsive relationship.

In fact, both of them did a lot of work together. However, in the last section of  2019, Emma was spotted dating TikTok star, Aaron Hull.

The Dolan Twins have also cast some controversies. Popular YouTuber, Jake Paul claimed that the twins were only popular now because he featured them on his channel. However, Dolan twins claimed that it’s their fellow vlogger Caspar Lee, who helped them to boost the twin’s web career.