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Dolan Twins Open Up About Their Pain To Shane Dawson

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Ethan and Grayson Dolan have long been known as the heartthrobs of the internet. For almost 5 years, they have been consistently putting out videos for 5 years. During that time, they have had to put up a facade where they suppressed their pain and couldn’t even process traumatic life events such as that of their father passing away. The Dolan twins decided to finally make a change but they reached out to Shane Dawson to help them process what they were feeling. In almost a one hour video, the two express their pain and troubles to the Shane Dawson whom they prefer calling the ‘Dr. Phil of YouTube’.

Crazy Schedule of YouTube Made Them Numb

The Dolan twins talked about how they created a crazy video schedule for themselves. They always felt pressured and compelled to have a video up every single week on Tuesday no matter what was happening to them.

The primary reason for that is because they did not want their fans down by not giving them content. Grayson Dolan even mentioned how it made him feel guilty to even think about not uploading. For them, it’s really important to keep their fans and subscribers happy each week.

Grayson Dolan stated that:

“[When we’ve taken breaks in the past,] I do feel like I’m letting people down and it does take a toll on my mental health.”

Dolan Twins Feel Like They Haven’t Had a Chance to Grow

Ethan and Grayson Dolan also shared how they feel like they’re stuck in a phase where they’re constantly working. They haven’t had a chance to properly learn who they are and to grow into something they want to. Moreover, who they are on-camera is different from who they are off-camera.

Ethan Dolan states:

“My real self is growing up. But my video self wasn’t growing as fast.”

The twins shared that their persona on-camera isn’t really an honest version of who they are. As per them, it’s ‘similar but not the same’.

They Opened Up About Their Father Passing Away

The Dolan twins also opened up about the painful time in their life where their dad passed away this year. The two only took a break of 3 weeks before they returned on YouTube. Ethan and Grayson Dolan shared how their dad had cancer for 2 years. The twins used to fly over and take care of their dad who was their number one supporter.

Grayson Dolan shared:

The thing that got me through it and enabled me to keep going on with what we’re doing is like the support that my dad gave us always. He was always  our number one fan and he didn’t want us to stop for anything related to him.  [Even] When he was sick, he wanted us to keep going.

While Ethan chimed in saying that he didn’t want to make their father feel bad either so they kept doing Youtube while he was in treatment.

So we would be filming in California where everything happens – he [their dad] lives in New Jersey, other side of the country. We literally traveled back once every other week to take care of him and kind of made it seem like we were just dropping into be like ‘hey, what’s up dad? We’re just here to spend time with you.’

During taking care of their father, the twins used to fly out every week to take care of him. When they used to come back to their home, they used to immediately get to filming videos.

I just felt like if I wasn’t either in caretaker moder or filming mode, I thought I was doing something wrong.

Ethan Dolan shared how this didn’t even give him the time to process everything that was happening. He didn’t even know who he was during this period of time.

Moreover, the two brothers talked about how they wished they’d spend more time with their family especially their mother.

Dolan Twins Want To Create Content They Love and Enjoy

Dawson stated that if they’re actually happy with the content they’re producing that takes a little more time, that would be much better for their fans who would be more even more excited to watch their videos. Moreover, Shane Dawson claimed that if they opened up about their troubles with their followers, the followers would feel less alone and more validated as well.

The Dolan twins realized that they need to actually enjoy the work that they’re doing.

Ethan ended up saying:

If we have the proper amount of time, we can create something that we really love that our viewers will love as well

So, the two would not be sticking to their weekly schedule now. The fans of the dolan twins will have to wait a bit longer for their videos but the YouTubers are completely dedicated to creating content that is better than before.

You can watch the entire video here.

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