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Elton John Has To Guest Star in Schitt’s Creek Season 6

Ever since we heard the bittersweet news that Schitt’s Creek was going to have another season which was going to be its last, we are confused on what to feel. The show revolving around the fictitious Rose family certainly gave us a lot of laughs. It was so great to see the character development occurring in the show. Although, we do not know much details about Schitt’s Creek season 6, we found one interesting picture while stalking them on the internet.

Oh look, there’s Elton John with the rest of the cast and crew in Schitt’s Creek. We saw Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Noah Reid, Sarah Levy and Emily Hampshire. The crew of the  TV show was also present alongside Elton John!

Summer Festival Luca Brings Together Schitt’s Creek and Elton John

This was taken at the Summer Festival Luca. The festival is a month long affair that celebrates music every year in the city of Luca at Italy. Elton John is performing this year and it seems like the crew of Schitt’s Creek got VIP tickets.

This gave us an idea! Schitt’s Creek season 6 should definitely have a guest appearance from Sir Elton John himself. We have not gotten many A list celebrities dropping by at the fictitious town of Schitt’s Creek yet. But since it is the last season, it should be something special.

What says special more than Elton John? They have already met! Also, the smile on Elton’s face could indicate that the he’s a fan of the show. It’s the perfect opportunity for Dan Levy to convince him to star on the show!

We hope that somehow Dan reads this and decides to go for it, if he hasn’t already.