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Alyssa Milano Comes Out In Support Of Halle Bailey’s Casting As Ariel

Disney has cast singer Halle Bailey to lead its upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid. The Chloe X Halle singer, who is also a series regular in ABC’s hit sitcom “grown-ish“, will. play Ariel in the upcoming live action, hence joining Melissa McCarthy, Awkwafina, and Jacob Tremblay in the film’s lead cast. Halle’s casting in the upcoming Disney live action has triggered racial responses. They argue that Halle isn’t a befitting choice to play what was originally a  ‘Danish red-headed mermaid’. In fact, closeted racists even came up with allegations that since the Disney character had drawn inspiration from. Who’s The Boss actress Alyssa Milano for its animated version, it would have been appropriate to cast. a white face for ‘authentic re-imagination’. Milano has reacted to the controversy, and that too in favour of Halle Bailey.  the little mermaid live action cast

Alyssa Milano Was The Inspiration For Disney’s Animated Ariel

Alyssa Milano is probably best known for playing Sam Micelli. (“Who’s The Boss?”), Jennifer Mancini. (“Melrose Place”) and Phoebe Halliwell (“Charmed”). But she also has a reputation for inspiring the character design of Princess Ariel. in 1989 Disney’s 1989 animated hit “The Little Mermaid.” While the rumour of Milano lending inspiration for Ariel was in the air for a long time, the actress did not confirm about the same until 2013, during an appearance on the Wendy Williams showthe little mermaid live action cast

Animator Glen Keane had looked at pictures of a young Milano, which had then prompted him to. create a Mermaid on the lines of the picture. Alyssa did not; however, discover about the same until she hosted ‘The Making Of The Little Mermaid’, where. the makers finally disclosed the inspiration deal.

Milano Is Excited To See Halle Bailey As The New Ariel In Disney’s Live Action Remake Of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Following Halle Berry and Naomi Scott’s endorsements, Alyssa Milano has also come out in support of Bailey’s casting in The Little Mermaid live action.

Milano recently tweeted a thread via her Twitter handle, which delved into the background of The Little Mermaid. Unknown to many, Danish author Hans Christian Anderson had originally written ‘The Little Mermaid’ as a tragic, traumatic story. Disney later adapted the story into a fairytale, enlisting a red-haired protagonist to increase the representation of ginger girls in the entertainment world.  the little mermaid live action cast

Now Disney has yet again seized an opportunity for representation, albeit this time it’s going for a black lead rather than a ginger one. For long prejudice, racism and privilege had limited the inclusion of black girls in Disney’s fantasy stratosphere. Hence, the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel will help it get rid of its ‘whitewashing’ problem.

Alyssa Milano is thrilled about Halle Bailey leading The Little Mermaid live action. She finds Bailey to be a great choice for the part, and she can not wait to see her reprise the role that once drew its flair from her.  the little mermaid live action cast