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Who Could Be Prince Eric to Halle Bailey's Ariel?

Who Could Be Prince Eric to Halle Bailey’s Ariel?

Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel was a shock for many and divided the internet. While many don’t see a problem with the casting choice, there are still some people who’re just not ready to accept a poc mermaid. Even the actress that voiced the original Ariel loved this casting choice. So people will have to just suck it up because finally Disney maned up and made a bold decision. And also, Halle Bailey is going to nail the part of Ariel. Talking of Ariel, it bring us to question who will be Prince Eric?

Though there’s no confirmation on who’s going to play Prince Eric, but we do have some guesses on who it could be.

Noah Centineo

The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actor is a fan favorite choice for Prince Eric. Though there’s no doubt that Noah Centineo is the new romcom hero, we’re not exactly sure if we see Prince Eric in him. However, if he is cast, we called it. And also we wouldn’t mind it.

Harry Styles

Another fan favorite choice is Harry Styles and we’re on board with this one. He knows how to act and has the voice of an angel. Also his hair – its what makes him the perfect choice.

Shawn Mendes

Now that we’re talking about singerss, there’s another pop star on our list. Shawn Mendes would be equally a perfect choice for Eric’s role. Though we’ve never seen him act, we’re sure he’d be good at it. The man’s perfect after all.

BTS Jimin and EXO Suho

It’s twitter where all the fans gather and let’s be honest, kpop owns twitter. The most vocal and most liked tweets were that of kpop fans asking for BTS Jimin and EXO Suho to be cast as Eric. And to be honest, we’re down with either of them. We won’t even say anything as these tweets speak for themselves. Also, imagine an Asian Prince Eric, it would be perfect.

Sebastian Stan

Another popular choice is Sebastian Stan. We admit he’s got the looks but perhaps he’s too old for Halle Bailey’s Ariel as the actress is only 19.