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Elijah Daniel’s The Final Album Hits 11 Billboard Charts

Elijah Daniel, famous for the Trump Temptations books, owner of Gay Hell, fiance of Dr. Woke, and torchbearer of TM (Cancelled podcast host), is breaking the Billboard charts as Lil Phag. If you ask me, he is the king of Twitter as well. Elijah started off his Lil Phag gig to troll people, but it turned into something bigger. Lil Phag’s music has hit the Billboard charts before, but this time, his rap was so good that the Final Album has hit made it to Billboard Charts. Oh, and this is not the final album at all. You’ll be getting The Final Album 2 in June 2020.

Billboard & The Final Album by Elijah Daniel, aka Lil Phag

Well, apart from Elijah Daniel’s faithful fans, people were not taking Lil Phag’s music that seriously. I mean, hate that person after you check his songs. You won’t believe how good his music is. Whether it is Adam&Steve or Lil Phag’s songs, the notes and lyrics really hit you. For a second, you totally forget you are listening to Elijah Daniel, the person who keeps trending on Twitter for multiple controversies.

Elijah started his 2020 with this fantastic news, and we are glad it’s not really his final album because it’s just the beginning of Lil Phag. He has got to break more charts this year.

Lil Phag is the 100th person in the Top 100 artists list. Guess who is at 99? Tyler, The Creator.

I can’t…..

Daniel, the tall Lil Phag, is EXPANDING. His “The Final Album” has landed his music in not 1, or 5, but 11 Billboard Charts.

If you do not understand these charts, Elijah Daniel has made it simple for y’all:

Oh Boy, it definitely sounds like success:

You can listen to The Final Album here. Two songs also feature Dr. Woke, so what are you waiting for?

P.S: Happy Birthday Elijah Daniel.

For the Fans: Celebrate your birthday with Elijah Daniel by donating to Australia’s volunteer firefighters. And adopt a Koala too.